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HIV?? Please help me watch

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    Please help. I've been sooo stupid. 3 weeks ago I had a one night stand with a man. We were drunk and didn't use anything. First time I've ever been so stupid. I had thrush the week after which I put down to the sex (this can happen to me now and then) Today I've a terrible sore throat and my lymph nodes are swollen. (This does seem to be going around at the moment a few people I work say they know someone who has the same) But after googling STD symptoms this keeps coming up as HIV. I read its difficult for a male to catch HIV from a female. I am female. What I am hoping is I'm being really silly and I've worried myself sick. Because if it's harder for them to catch it. I'm hoping he hasn't caught it and ofcoarse if he doesn't have it then I can't. We only slept with each other once and he didn't ejaculate. Next week is 4 weeks since the unprotected sex. So I have booked an appointment the following Monday to get a test as it happened on Saturday night. I am so scared I am struggling to sleep. Please help. Say he had it and didn't know (worst case, as if he was on medication his levels would be low and that would lower chances of transfer) is there a high chance I could have it??
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    You've already posted this before.
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    I see you have some answers elsewhere, but yes..

    a) He's probably not HIV+

    b) If he is, he's probably on medication that would make it impossible for him to transmit it sexually

    c) Even if those aren't true, without ejaculation it's extremely unlikely

    d) If he was HIV+, not being treated, and came inside you... you'd still be looking at 'about' a one in a thousand chance.
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