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Is it possible to get back my ex girlfriend? watch

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    So my ex dumped me a week ago. Before she dumped me she told me she liked another guy, she has something she wanted me to have. So basically her new BF is her expected version of me. After we broke up we still maintained a friendship for a few days, but because I have been so emotional towards her when she smiled at something(next text from her new BF thats what she said). She has stopped contacting and replying and blocked me since 5 days ago, she said because of her new bf dont want her to contact me.

    The problem is she has never been able to prove that if she has a new BF. 1) she couldnt tell me names; 2) she didnt know much about her new BF, job, degree, what type of master; 3) everything remains the same no change of social media setting; 4) she told my mom she broke up with me because of I give her pain; 5) she was trying do revision but she could not concentrate when I was here. The thing that made me trust her she perhaps really has a new BF is that, she told me she went out at night once because of him. But thats only what she said no one can prove it, she smiled at message when we were doing video call, when I was jealous she just kept saying it was her new BF message. When she felt happy with me she never mentioned she has a new bf, when I stressed her out or asked too much, get jealous or mad of her, she would tell me she has a new bf.

    For the first few days I have been spamming her email and message try to contact her when she blocked me everywhere. But then I started to calm down, and send her my reflection on bible reading, and some picture we took it three years ago. She is the type that is very very emotional girl, that do everything for the sake of her emotion. Her family background is muslim, but she is not. The relationship had been 3 years, we have sex, live together before, go for trips before, see each other parents, prepare to get married, live a Hong Kong, UK, and difffernt places together before.

    She is introvert, no friends, cannot talk to people face to face, light depression, no social life, emotional, fully relying on me before.

    So what should I do now in your opinion? Do you think if she really has a new BF? How many days of no contact rule should I use?
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    You sound slightly stalkerish. Spamming her with messages? Thinking she's not really got a new boyfriend? Let it go. It's over. Move on.
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