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Boyfriend and video games watch

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    We’ve been together 3 years

    (Original post by catlover57)
    We’ve been together for 3 years now and we don’t live together because we’re only 19. During the week he has work normal 9-5 job and we only see each other on the weekends. When he comes back from work he will be straight onto his computer games and talking to his friends through his headset. Obviously there is nothing wrong with that it’s his own free time he can do whatever. But what does bug me is he will not text me at all when he’s back from work, I’ll ask how his day went and he will either reply straight away or reply 5 hours later because he’s too busy gaming. That’s the only time we talk, I find out about his day and he doesn’t even bother to find out about mine or how I am. Now on Fridays he spends the day with his friends, also nothing wrong with that but sometimes he’s with them from 12pm until he leaves which is usually midnight. He won’t text me at all when he’s there because he says ‘I can’t text you and get my phone out’ even tho he’s gone on social media. It’s like im dating a child who can’t text because they’re embarrassed of what their friends say, I mean is it that hard to text me once or twice throughout that whole time? Then when the weekend comes along he will also spend hours on his games talking to his friends whilst I just sit there and have to entertain myself. I wouldn’t mind if he actually spoke to me throughout the week but he ignores me for his friends but won’t take time away from them to be with me? I know this may sound silly but I tell him about it and try to talk to him and he goes off at me, I’ve tried doing the same and showing less attention but he doesn’t even notice. I don’t know how to overcome this issue because it’s getting a lot now, we only talk to say good morning / good night or when he goes out somewhere and drives. I just get ignored for hours or sometimes the whole day for his friends and games but I can’t spend a night with him without his games being involved. Both me and his friends should be a priority not one over the other.
    Tell him that he needs to put you first occasionally, tell him when he puts games before you it makes you feel unimportant. As a gamer I know what it's like because you can't pause the game but he should still find time to reply to you and ask about your day / chat with you.

    Explain to him that you want to spend time with him and when you come over and he is on his games talking to his friends you just get bored and some weekends it should just be you and him.

    It sounds like he is being really selfish to be honest.
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