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    I work in an engineering position and I have been given my first warning that I am working (way) too slow. I am already working as fast as I can manage but apparently this is not enough for the Nazis.

    I am completely defeated because all my co-workers are against me and the big bosses only trust the word of the seniors (who don't like me). The best part is that the seniors are 250% faster than me (d'uh, they're seniors). However, I'm being measured up against a rush system.

    I'm not the only one in the world who has been having problems in all the jobs he's had, being called slow - and even getting fired because of it. Some of us are thinkers, philosophers. Some of us belong in the research field, not in this fast-paced idiotic industry.
    I'm not slow but I'm careful, I'm meticulous.

    What a completely stupid situation I'm in..
    If anyone can relate, shout out..

    Perhaps not referring them to Nazi's would be a good start...
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    How long have you worked there?
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    (Original post by 571122)
    It's not the business's task to adapt to you, it's your job to adapt to the business. Take the warning as what it is meant to be - a chance to either improve or to start hunting for a new job without getting fired.

    The whole UK economy is now geared to fast and rush in as short a time as possible. The whole concept of meticulous and bang on correct in a slower timeframe has been lost for quite sometime now.

    Hence why we have poor customer service as workers are up against the clock. The only exception I have seen to this recently is my local family business upholsterer who take pride in their work and do it in their timeframe, warning the customer excellent work takes time.

    If only other industries could go back to quality over quantity with excellent customer service. But then they would have to pay their employees decent salaries, which most are not prepared to do anymore.
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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