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Automatic vs Manual driving lessons - general help! watch

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    Basically, a had a few manual driving lessons about 15 years ago (I’m a mature student) and really struggled. Now I’m a bit older and have started driving lessons again, I chose to learn in an automatic car; 1) so that I pass quickly 2) because I remember struggling so much in a manual car and 3) I had no desire to buy a manual car, really.

    I’ve now had around 12 hours of lessons and I’m doing brilliantly - my instructor thinks I’ll be ready for my test soon which is great, BUT call me naive but I didn’t realise autos were more expensive to insure/tax. Also more in fuel. I’m starting to wonder if I should just give manual lessons another go.

    Has anyone else done this? Do you think it’ll take me even longer to get the hang of gears now I’m driving so well in an auto? Worried I’ve wasted 12 hours of lessons when I could’ve been learning in manual! So also wondering if I should just stick to auto as I love it and find it so easy!
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    Honestly, you would've nailed the basics of driving in terms of observations and that, but I don't see any other reason to switch to manual. If you're doing well with automatic, then stick with it.

    I passed my manual test a couple of days ago and hell, I wish that I'd chosen automatic instead! It seems that practically everyone nowadays is driving automatic. Even my parents, who drove manual for 20+ years eventually moved onto auto.

    Considering you are basically test ready, I'm guessing that you don't need to be spending much more money on lessons (and probably tests as well) so if you switch to manual now, you're basically going to be chucking in a WHOLE lot more money. Gears and clutch do take a while to get used to. With the amount of money I spent on manual lessons, I could've bought myself an actual car!

    Plus, never mind the tax and fuel, my parents are next level cheap but as soon as they drove an automatic car for two minutes, they didn't want to go back. Auto is easier and more convenient, I'd say. So stick with it.

    give driving a manual a go because if you have a manual licence you can always drive an automatic.. whereas with an automatic licence you can only drive automatics.
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    I've done the opposite actually. Did manual lessons, got to grips with manual really quickly, passed, drove manual cars for 2 years. Got my first automatic in 2015 - never driving manual again if I can help it. Just so much nicer driving an automatic. Godsend if you live in a high traffic area like I do - no more constantly messing with the gearstick and jumping between the three pedals when I'm in stop-start traffic - literally just use the brake pedal to stop, take my foot off it to creep forward. That's it.

    Dunno if any of the above helps, but do with that info what you will.
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