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    (Original post by Sunni19)
    Hi Everyone,

    Really need advice, I'm currently on my sign-off placement and up until this point I have loved my training, got on well with everyone,achieved high grades and had no issues however an incident has occurred that has really upset me.

    The ward I'm on isn't very friendly but I can cope with that, however a couple of the sisters have taken a dislike to me. so much so that when she asked to speak with me alone about a minor thing, she made up loads of lies about me, how I was aggressive towards her, had a bad attitude and acted totally inappropriately. She then contacted my university and sign off mentor and it was agreed I needed to go on a action plan or I wouldn't pass. All without any of them findung out my side of things (I was completely oblivious any of this was even happening). The things that were said didn't happen at all and I'm so concerned that even after stating my side of things that I just had to face the consequences of complete lies. Obviously I have strongly disputed the allergations but it doesn't seem to matter, as my sign off is very friendly with them, I wasn't believed.

    I feel the only way I can now pass is to sucker this up (as hard as it is) but I'm concerned she could try this with others. Can I contact the NMC in regards to her behaviour? They couldn't find any fault with my clinical skills so it's like they had to find something, even make up stuff! I'm truly horrified I've been portrayed in this way. What can I do? Thank you
    Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. Believe me, I've been there. You have a tricky decision to make, and that is whether you go down the route of reporting to the uni, RCN, NMC etc. or whether you want to deal with this yourself.

    As you say, you are a on your sign-off placement, so the end is in sight. Sometimes, you can get a better response by addressing their concerns. Having a sit down meeting with those with the issues and explaining that you are really upset that they have this impression of you, and asking what you can do to improve can make them feel respected and listened to. This can be hard if you really don't feel that you are in the wrong at all, but may be worth doing just to make your final few weeks as pleasant as possible. Have you discussed with your personal tutor at the university to see what they think? Sometimes the university can step in and mediate these sorts of issues to try and please both sides.

    Dear Sunni19 Unfortunately you are not the only one. There have been many occasions where students have been victimised in this way and when they complain they are old that they might be jeopardising their career. The fact the the main staff at the school are all old friends with staff on the wards doesn't help get to the bottom of blatant bullying
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