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Is he being nice, or is he flirting? watch

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    Hey guys.

    My grandfather is visiting a rehabilitation centre and I often accompany him. There is this guy working there helping older people like my grandfather with the fitness/exercises machines. When he is helping my grandfather, we two also have a conversation from time to time. That is also how I found out that he has a gf ( he himself told me) However, I don’t quite understand some of his actions.

    1) One day I told his co-workers (girls) something about myself. He was standing a bit far away but I noticed his head turning into our direction. In one of our conversations, he then remembered this fact (and verified the fact that he had listened to our conversation)

    2) He sometimes comes next to me (although my grandfather doesn’t need any help) just to small talk

    3) Usually, he is really cheerful and smiles. In our conversations he is a bit more serious.

    4) When we talk, we have eye contact for 7-8 seconds. Then, he breaks the eye contact and looks into another direction for 3-4 seconds, then looks into my eyes again.

    5) One time I was looking down, and when I raised my head , in that very moment, he turned his head into my direction, noticed me raising my head and immediately turned his head away(and I mean really really quick, before I could even catch him looking at me )

    6) When I helped my grandfather with setting a device, I turned my head and noticed him looking at me (Somehow my sixth sense revealed the direction of his gaze). I then turned my head away

    7) He always says hi or bye and smiles at me often

    8) He remembers some things I said a few weeks ago

    9) He wanted to know until when my grandfather will be there.

    10) Sometimes he is colder towards me and kinda flees, sometimes he is the very opposite

    11)He only talked about himself when we first began talking( without asking me anything), nowadays he also asks me some questions. (Not many but at least a few)

    12) Sometimes he is looking in our direction( but I can't really tell if he only looks to see if we need any help

    Is he just being nice? I really don’t want to misinterpret his actions as he has a gf and I really can’t differentiate between him being nice or flirty.

    sounds like he is just being a normal sociable guy. he does not like you
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