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    I am 17 years old and Im being bullied since grade school, they say I look gay, hideous, and that I look like im gonna die any second cause im too thin, im a girl and it hurts me very much that most of the people who say these behind are my closest friend, last night was my prom, a kid came up and told me I look gay, probably cause of my makeup it ruined my mood and pulled all my self esteem to the ground, people call me all sorts of names I just cant take it anymore I just need some advice on how to deal with this cause my grades are going downhill I tend to stay home all day and avoid going to school just to stay away from those people, my mother is very disappointed in me cause of my grades. She isnt very understanding when It comes to grades.. she just thinks that Im just a big slob that doesnt care about my future. Pls help
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    Firstly, never let them see they’ve pulled you down; hold your head high in front of them as much as possible- I’ve been through years of confidence issues because of other people’s comments and it’s so heartbreaking when you’re trying hard to lift yourself up and someone knocks you down again. Try not to give them that satisfaction if you can.

    Secondly, maybe tell someone about your situation with your mum- I know that’s what everyone tells you to do, but get involved with teachers and any support network you have; ask them to explain to your mum what’s happening- if she hears it from someone in the profession it’s more likely to be listened to. You clearly have your priorities in the right place and are conscious about doing well in the face of adversity, which I strongly commend you for!
    Finally, no matter what they say, take ten minutes out of your day to be mindful of yourself- stand up to the voice in your head repeating all those horrid things, and tell it to leave 😂 Easier said than done, but little and often could help!

    I hope things get better and don’t be afraid to be who you are! Peace and love ❤️
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    Firstly, please try not to let them bring you down- if they do hurt you, don’t let them see that- don’t give them that satisfaction because you don’t deserve to be someone else’s entertainment; you’re so much more that that.
    Secondly, talk to a teacher or any other support network you have- I know everyone tells you that, but if you tell them about your situation with your mum and ask them to explain it to her, she may be more likely to listen. You have your priorities in the right place and are really trying to do the best you can in the face of a struggle, which I really do commend you for.
    Finally, don’t listen to anyone, especially that little voice in your head that keeps repeating everything- politely tell it to leave, ideally 😂 I find five minutes of mindfulness and meditation every morning really helps, although it is cliché! I’ve had similar issues with my own self esteem and it has helped so much!

    You are strong and you’ll get through- love yourself always, and never forget how much you are worth!
    Peace and love ❤️
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    I'm very sorry to hear this, bug hugs!

    It's not your fault you've got bad grades, studying and revising in this atmosphere is impossible.

    Your mom sounds like an unreasonable person.

    The bullies have nothing better to do and are not happy people who are insecure so they have to feel better by belittling others.

    They will get their karma don't worry.

    You're only a young person so you can better your life and achieve anything.

    Could you change schools or tell someone you trust about this?

    Feel free to PM me if you need to talk to someone

    UK helpline: 116 123
    US helpline: 919 232 4525

    Any chance you can move schools?

    Hope things improve for you
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