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Quite disappointed about job situation watch

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    I am doing a year-long internship abroad with 5 other girls, and we were told that the director was planning on taking some people to stay another year.

    I admit I wanted to stay another year, and I talked to my supervisor about it who said she would let the director know. (The director is rarely in and always has meetings in her office on the occasions she is in, so it's very hard to find time to go speak to her).

    I had found out that the director had already approched one of the other girls directly to offer her a job. Myself, the supervisor and the director were in the company the whole week and nothing was said to me.

    Then, the supervisor told me that me and her would go and maybe talk to the director/she would talk to me after my holidays (which have been this week)

    I came back from my holidays yesterday and my colleague told me that 2 other girls were offered a job last week (and that the director doesn't want everyone to stay).

    So I guess I haven't been offered a job. I suppose I'm disappointed as without wanting to sound arrogant, I am the only one of the group who speaks other languages (which are needed in this job) and I have a couple of years' more experience. Plus, I am already qualified to do the job for which I am working as an intern.

    I am trying to think of things I may have done badly in my work/to make them not like me etc. but one of the teachers said I was doing very well/I have never had any complaints etc.

    I guess I can always ask again but there is nothing I can do. Maybe they just simply like those girls/get on with them better. I just think that it is unfair to ask some but not all like that..

    Should I maybe speak to them about it? Does this sound like fair practice? Thanks

    They probably like those girls better. Those girls might have got more involved or kissed ass better, or 'adopted the company values' (🤢) better
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    Thanks for the reply, yeah sadly I think it's often a question of who likes who/who gets on with who etc. I admit I'm quite quiet and shy and they are very extroverted/chatty and maybe this plays a part. I still talk to them and be friendly and ask them questions etc. i'm just a bit more in my shell.. oh well, too bad.
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