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Funny exercise stories (an SR thread) watch

    • TSR Community Team

    TSR Community Team
    I decided to try out the stair master for the first time. Three things are important:

    1) The gym had those really full-on tall ones a bit like this.
    2) They were positioned next to the floor to ceiling windows facing a busy highstreet
    3) The proper free weight training area and squat racks were right behind them

    So I got on the machine and started climbing. I set it to interval training (Why did I do this?!??!?!?!?!?!?). :yum: Everything was fine but it was going reaaaaaally slowly, so I increased the speed a bit. Nothing changed. Waited a bit longer and increased the speed again. No difference. :yum: Increased the speed again. Nothing.

    Suddenly after about three minutes THE NEW INTERVAL KICKED IN WITHOUT ANY WARNING, NO BEEPS, NO NOTHING and the speed went up dramatically. I gallently kept up for maybe 0.5 seconds before my feet tripped over themselves and I fell ALL THE WAY down the stairs. To make it even worse, I was trying to frantically mash the stop button that was just out of reach so I didn't even let go and was stuck there flailing around like a fish, with one hand desperately holding on to the railing. Eventually I let go and ended up on the floor in a heap right infront of the windows and infront of all the Serious Weight LiftersTM who were politely pretending like nothing had happened.

    Not sure what was more bruised - my body or my ego
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    Community Assistant
    Falling over in the forest probably (is a massive steep hill and very slippy). Was wearing a white shirt and squelched hard in the deep mud. Fortunately my boobs took most of the impact but still twisted my arm funny
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    When the Smelling Salts are too strong:
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