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    so theres this girl. weve known each other through a sports club (outside of uni as we've both graduated) for over a year and get on really great with way more in common than not. when we're on socials shes super pally and close and before xmas she led me to believe she wanted me to ask her out. after a bit of fishing i did only to be told she didn't like me like that. then at the new year at a party we got close again and we kissed properly a few times. again i asked her later if it was going anywhere. no i was told we were just a bit drunk. not long after wed been out at the club night and she messaged me after showing what she was having to eat (she does this occasionally), i replied and also asked for her addy to send a bday card. she then sent be a message back saying you're not gonna just turn up are you 'winky face'. i replied saying oh yea of course 'winky face' meaning no as far as i was concerned but in the jokey way. this banter continued in a similar vein then it became apparent she'd wanted me to go around but id misunderstood. messaging stepped up over the next few days with various inuendos and so the next week i tried to arrange going around only to be shot down. at the end of the week we were out for her birthday with a group. i was planning to leave early as i was driving but she said no stay out and stay at hers. i thought well nothing to lose and later on we kissed extensively at the club and went back to hers and slept together. spent all morning in bed and left each other with a long kiss goodbye in the afternoon. i messaged later to stay id enjoyed it and did this change anything. apparently it didn't and she still doesn't want to date or apparently spend much time toegther. that was a few days ago and shes been pretty distant since and when ive delved into it a little she says we should just stay friends like shes said many times before. she also said that shes curious about me but she has too many reservations but won't eleborate. everytime ive given upto it so far shes come back so basically she shows interest then doesn't over and over. i really like her otherwise but this is getting silly. clearly we've been progressing a bit but this time (from the way it seems thus far) im not sure she'll get interested again. but ive thought that before. what do i do if i really want it to go somewhere without this sillyness.. im a little stumped.

    Pro-tip (and I'm genuinely not being snarky here) but if you re-post that after finding what the return key does, more people are likely to read and respond.
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