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    :bban::banana::bban::banana:This is my GYG(obviously):banana::bban::banana::bban:
    I'm trying to take a more chill approach to my GCSEs. If you're curious as to how that's going to turn out, read on. If you're looking for something hardcore, click away now.

    My subjects/exam boards/aspirations/mock results:

    Maths - AQA - 9 - 8
    Further Maths - (IGCSE level 2) AQA - A - N/A
    Computing - OCR - 9 - 7
    English Literature - OCR - 8 - 7
    English Language - OCR - 9 - 9
    Chemistry - AQA - 9 - 6
    Physics - AQA - 9 - 7
    Biology - AQA - 8 - 7
    Geography - AQA - 8 - 7
    Russian - Edexcel - A* - B
    Latin - OCR - 9 - 6

    I'd just like to state that my school doesn't give predicted grades, so I gave them my own personal aspirations at the beginning of Y10 (and I honestly just scribbled down random numbers). Personally, I'm aiming for 7s/As and above. I'm also aware that my mock results could've been way higher but my procrastination skills got the best of me.

    Not gonna lie, I'm an actual mess when it comes to homework and stuff; I run on 0 sleep and waste my time lazing around, but that's why I made this GYG, right?

    My exams start on the 14th of May, giving me 11 weeks to get my act together. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to give your life up to get good grades, so I still have quite a few commitments:
    • Tennis
    • Volunteering as a tennis coach for younger kids
    • St John Ambulance cadets
    • Badminton
    • Flute (working towards ABRSM Grade 8)
    • Piano (I'll be doing my ABRSM Grade 7 exam in March)
    • DofE (my training weekend and practice expedition are before exams)
    • School trip to Russia for a week because there's no way I'd give up that opportunity
    • Generally putting myself out there more- as well as growing my grades, I want to carry on growing as a person because that's what life's about

    Obviously, I'm using lots of my time to do all of these things but if I stay motivated enough, I think I could definitely find time to revise. My main obstacles are procrastination and lack of sleep. I guess we'll eventually see how things work out.

    Expect an update most days.

    Ur lucky that u did at least great in the mocks compared to me. I don’t believe that u procrastinate a lot since you are really bright
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    (Original post by Freshyeezys01)
    Ur lucky that u did at least great in the mocks compared to me. I don’t believe that u procrastinate a lot since you are really bright
    Unfortunately I do- I've just become a pro crammer

    You seem kinda unhappy with your mock results but I hope you do well in the actual exams
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    Just a quick update. Today I had a badminton tournament (we won ) so I didn't really get any time to revise. It's pretty late now but I still have to go over the material for my Computing paper 1 test tomorrow. Realistically, I would've definitely been able to do that when I got home at 6, but I spent a few hours listening to podcasts. Not a great start, I know, but I'm working on it.

    Last night I made revision checklists for all of my subjects in OneNote which basically listed the different sections of whichever resources I'm basing my revision on. I'll post in more detail tomorrow when I have time. I only got 5 hours sleep last night which is not the worst but also not ideal and at this rate I'll get about the same today.

    Tests given back today: Latin Culture (which I didn't revise for)- D
    Tests done today: Latin Set Text- I revised last night and I think it went pretty well
    Homework done today: NONE
    Revision done today: NONE (I'm not counting Computing because it's just cramming at this point)
    Extras: Badminton tournament
    Overall: Not great

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