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Very odd situation with friend watch

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    So I've known a guy for a couple of years, and he went on a year abroad. He'd always been a bit flirty but it really started when he was abroad. We talked a lot on messenger and we started to flirt heavily all the time and it ended up becoming sexual and we exchanged some pics etc.

    Anyway he moved back a month later and I went to see him. I stayed in a hotel where he lived but he was being a little strange. He messaged me the day I was going saying he was falling ill, and I said we could leave it then but he said I should still come, just that he'd go to the doctor's the next day.

    I got there and we were in a bar talking, getting on well etc.. Later on I asked him if he wanted to come to the hotel and he said he wouldn't as he was ill, he was going to the doctor's the next day etc.. so I thought he just wasn't up for it.

    Then he texted me saying he had been and that he'd come the next morning. So he arranged a time and then I was waiting, he kept saying his bus was late and other excuses, and I felt a bit silly tbh.

    He eventually came 2 hours late and I felt a bit embarrassed and like he was just making excuses. I said if he didn't want to do anything we didn't have to, then he said it wasn't a good idea, he didn't want to hurt me etc.
    Then he came out with all sorts of excuses, it wasn't 'spontaneous' enough, we had 'planned it', he 'had problems having sex' he 'should go and see a therapist' etc.

    Then I asked him why he'd spent all that time hitting on me etc. online and he couldn't answer.

    I'm embarrassed to say this but I got a little upset as it wasn't a big deal but it just felt confusing.. then he pinned me to the bed in a cuddle and said that we'd do it next time, then started to touch me up and kiss my neck etc. .. then we just left..

    Anyway the whole thing was strange, we just visited the town after that but it was a bit awkward. It's not a big deal if he didn't want to but his whole behaviour was just odd. What do others think? Thanks
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    Then he was texting me after telling me not to take it badly, I was really attractive and hot etc. and he had really wanted to..
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    Might have an STD or something
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    Lol possibly I never thought of that..
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