Can anyone please type to me what this guy's handwriting is saying?

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So I was looking at an examiner's report for Geography in order to get an idea of how I need to write my answer, this guy scored in the top band so I had a look at his answer and oh my I had a really really hard time reading this guy's handwriting, I wonder how the examiners managed to read this guy's handwriting when it had so many spelling mistakes. I need to know everything this guy said so can someone who is able to read this guy's handwriting just type to me everything this guy is saying? All the three screenshots are part of one long essay answer.
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The development of a country is an important factor in determining the scale of a tectonic disaster. This is because in more developed countries there will be better infrastructure and in earthquake prone areas there will be aseismic building's such as the sky tree in Japan meaning during an earthquake the buildings won't collapse and kill people and even most earthquakes in Japan in the last 20 years haven't killed more than 200 people. However in less developed countries with worse governance such as Haiti the majority of the buildings are poorly built but the areas such as Pour all Pince are densely populated meaning when earthquakes such as 2005 one occur there is significantly greater deaths as more people are crushed and the lack of infrastructure makes it harder to rescue them, which is making tectonic events in developing countries have much more loss during tectonic events. Poor governance can also increase the scale of a tectonic disaster, this was seen in Italy when corrupt politicians let the Mafia build public buildings such as schools, however when there was an earthquake in 2001 the school collapsed killing over 100 children due to the building not meeting health and safety requirements because of poor governance. Other factors such as the magnitude and intensity of a tectonic event as well as its' duration can affect the scale of it. In Iceland when Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in 2012 although it's a developed country with good governance it still had large scale effects such as costing airline companies over $1 billion due to flights being cancelled. In conclusion governance and development are some of the most important factors in determining the scale of tectonic GAP however there are other factors as well.

Hope this helped you but there may still be a mistake or two in what I typed.


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