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I'm sixteen and male. How the hell do I make myself a successful career in acting? watch

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    I'm currently in sixth form, drama and art are two of my A-Level options (I know, such a thesbian) and I've taken part in acting clubs with local academies and theatres since I was about eleven. I haven't any proper proper experience in acting I.e. leads in top theatre or films but I want them really badly, it just scares me that I could get wrapped up in getting cast that I forget about my actual A-levels, but at the same time, maybe the younger I start the better?

    I just wanna know WHERE to start, who to go to!! Do I go to drama school in London- effectively living in poverty for 2 years?? Do I become a runner and get judged for skipping Uni for a low-pay job?? Do I go to uni and study film (Something I also love)?? When do I get an agent- and who should i go for?? Basically, if someone could help me sort my life out that would be amazing, please don't tell me 'oh you're so young, it'll work out!" because the industry isn't really like that, it's very cut-throat!! One thing I know is that I genuinely believe that I can make myself a successful acting career, seriously. I have just got this really positive mindset that I am going to get this thing I desperately want- that's got to be a good start, right?

    Any help and I'll shout you out in my oscars speech!! Fletcher.

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    I heard that MadDogCasting is a good agency that does recruitment for 'extras'. So if you want to see what it's like working on a film set, I would recommend going to a reputable casting agency like this.

    Do your own research though! I have signed up for the agency myself but I haven't exactly used it yet. Also I don't know how easy it is to get a role but it's worth trying right?
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Updated: February 24, 2018
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