25/02/18 - My GYG blog

Heya! Welcome to my GYG blog. I've recently seen a lot of these and they have inspired me to create my own one.


Lil background summary about me :
I'm Chinese (family from Hong Kong) and I speak Cantonese.
Most of my family haven't been to university because of their poor background from when they lived in HK. I believe that my brother and cousins are the first few to go to university (not completely sure about that).

My mother has always supported me in my decisions with education. However, my father has put quite a lot of pressure on me because he does see me as the smarter one out of my older brother and I. He didn't pressure my brother as much compared to me and that has put a lot of my weight onto my shoulders.

I am currently in year 12 doing A-levels The A-levels that I take are law, psychology and medieval history. I'd say history is my weakest subject as I haven't done it since year 9 oof.

After A-levels, I want to go to university (specifically LSE or KCL) and take a law degree. One thing I wish I did at the beginning of the term was to take another RG facilitating subject instead of psychology... I honestly despise that subject so much.

To be honest, I have always lacked motivation when trying to revise for exams, but this year I really want to revise at my best and achieve at least A*AA for my predicted grades.

Well, that's the end of this introduction and good luck to me lol

-Jess ♡