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Can't imagine anyone liking me watch

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    Does anyone else (talking to mostly girls here, but guys if you want to join in do) feel like they'll never be in a good relationship, because it seems ridiculous that anyone would like them?

    I feel like I'm just plain old me, not especially pretty, not especially social, not a 'cool kid', just a pretty generic human. I've never been in a relationship (not sure I want to yet, given I'm 15 and have exams and stuff) and the idea that someone could actually like me seems radical. I know most people do end up in a relationship, good or bad, so it will probably happen at some point, but does anyone else wonder how on earth anyone will ever like them?

    If anyone has gone through this and is now happily in a relationship, your input would be much appreciated!

    I know most of the replies will be 'wait and it'll happen' but anything else would be fab! Experiences of people like me, people who have gone through this etc.

    I'm 16 and honestly same!!
    I've kinda adopted the mindset though that these final years of education before uni and past uni are crucial and it's better to avoid drama of teenage boys (who are often immature and could be a distraction) whilst preparing for the future. We'll far more likely meet the right partners / be more mature in adulthood and than now.

    I understand though. I do feel isolated when I see evryone else in relationships but I know if I keep dwelling on it my grades will suffer and they matter far more in the long run
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    Thank you bluebells1 !

    Anyone else have an experience to share?
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