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Is it weird to choose a degree subject only because you find it fascinating? watch


    some careers you need passion too.
    to be a great teacher you need a passion for the subject, or for your student to succeed.
    nobody goes into medicine (any branch, especially nursing) for the wages.

    I think it's all about balance. life is a balance anyway and being able to do something you love and be paid for it is a great motivator.
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    I wish I did to be honest.

    Better to get a good grade in a subject you enjoyed learning that may not have the best career prospects than hate your life and studies and fail or drop out of a subject your parents pushed you into taking for 'the sake of your future'.
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    (Original post by stellaluna24)
    I think we don't realise how useful actually are those 'useless' degrees. Think about it: an English major can become a teacher, and this teacher can teach your kids how to read and write. Is knowing how to read and write useless? A sociology major can produce statistics on crimes committed in a certain neighbourhood. Is knowing which part of a city is safest, useless? We are made to think that certain degrees are useless because there are fewer jobs offered in those areas. I don't think jobs are offered according to the actual needs of society, they are offered according to what sells more. People are more interested in getting a new iPhone than in getting a better education for their children. Ergo, it is more profitable to hire an engineer than a teacher. Of course, both engineers and teachers are needed, and their demand should be balanced.

    I get that young people are scared of not finding a job if they pursue a 'useless' degree, but I think it's important to remember that not everyone can be a doctor or a lawyer. For example, a friend of mine once went to a doctor who had to google her symptoms: that should explain what I mean. There are jobs you can't pursue just for the salary prospects. To be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, one needs to have extreme passion, as for the vast majority of jobs in the world.
    I totally see where this is coming from! Also, if we encourage young people to pursue what they enjoy and find interesting, we could expect that they will give more to a job that satisfies them than a job that they have been pressured into doing just to feel 'useful'.

    I'm in my final year of a Languages degree at Sheffield Hallam and I came here because I loved Spanish and the course allowed me to immerse myself in what I loved! At school I was good at maths and sports but I can honestly say I'd be so poorly motivated if I followed those paths :afraid:

    I'd say it's not at all 'weird' to want to do something because you love it! GO FOR IT! :woo:


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