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Do you regret taking Triple Science GCSE? watch

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    Is it too much science? Any tips on whether or not to choose it?

    I’m doing the 9-1 triple science at the moment and at first it seems very rushed and hard to catch up but my class have finished the biology and chemistry course last week and we’ve only got a small topic on waves left! It’s just as hard as combined science but there’s more to learn- if you want to be a medic/ science person or you are interested in some of the additional triple content go for it. If you’ve never really liked the sciences and your just doing it for an extra qualification it’s not worth it.
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    I am doing Triple Science. If you want to have a scientific career, I would definitely recommend Triple Science, and even if you are not interested in pursuing science at A-level but are good at it, you should go for it. If you are very busy (i.e. do lots of sports and other GCSEs), it may not be wise to do Triple Science because of the extra content, although I don't think that the extra content is huge compared to Double Science. You should ask your science teacher for some advice.

    I did the old GCSE triple science course so can't really talk about the new course as I haven't done it. however, I found triple science fairly easy and not too much work. When I was choosing subjects for GCSE I had the choice between combined science (5 lessons a week), triple science (7 lessons a week) and triple science fast track (5 lessons a week) and ended up choosing triple science fast track and found it a fairly comfortable amount of work. I ended up achieving A*, A*, A in biology, chemistry and physics, respectively. If you want to do a career in science then it may be more useful, but not always necessary.

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    Is it too much science? Any tips on whether or not to choose it?
    Well, i've just chosen my subjects and one of them was Triple Science. What i've been told in the options talk is that all the science (combined/triple), are going to be doing the same topics, however in triple, there is much more content, and the topics are more detailed. This will obviously mean that the exam will be more thorough than combined, and more revision will be needed!
    However if you are hardworking and would like to get into a science type career: Medical/Engineering, then triple will be needed.
    Most people however do not have a set career, and are recommended to take triple science, just in case they later decide on a science based career!

    It’s personally a really good subject gives you a nice range of an insight into all the three sciences individually. Would definantly recommend it

    Tbh, doing triple science or not doesn't necessarily make a difference in terms of going onto doing science subjects, such as A-Levels or uni degrees (I'm speaking of the old system btw). I do Chemistry at A-Level and the majority of my class had done triple science GCSE and I hadn't. Overall it made no difference as I'm doing just as well as they are and without the stress of doing the GCSE in year 11. Don't just take the subject because you feel like it will help if you're trying to go into a science-type career but take it if you're interested in it.

    I did the 9-1 and did triples higher. The idea is that higher abilities will take triples. Triples higher meant basically we had to know anything and everything in detail, I liked it but revising was hard. If you think you're capable of having to learn extra, definitely take it. Go on to the specs and have a look, I did AQA and you can download the spec for triples. The stuff that only triples take has the subject name in brackets e.g (Chemistry). You can gage the extra workload off that but obviously remember that you don't have to understand it at this point.
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    triple science isn't too bad- some of the content is definitely harder and there's more to remember but if you keep on top of your works and notes you should be fine. i, in a way preferred triple because i'd get a separate grade for each science (physics wasn't my strong point but i was fine with chemistry and biology; if i did double my grade would have likely went down due to physics).
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