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Is it normal for parents to care about your partners social class:upbringing? watch

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    This week I traveled across county with my boyfriend to meet his parents, after coming back up to today my mums phoned me to ask how it was. I knew exactly how the conversation would go so I wasn’t surprised, but on of the first things she asked me (before even asking me if I had a nice time) was ‘what was his parents house like?’ (They lived in an average 3 bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen semi detatched house on an estate) I decided to play dumb and went ‘what do you mean?’ and my mum was like ‘well, you know, was it big or small...’ in which I replied ‘just an average house’ in which she just replied ‘oh’. I knew she was going to ask me this and I know it’s something that for some reason is very important to her (I remember how much she kept going on about how much she loved an ex of mine that she had only met a couple times and hardly spoken to, obviously had nothing to do with the fact that she saw he lived in a massive house with an indoor pool made acres of land the first time she dropped me off there). Im so annoyed that she’s like this and so stuck up, but at the same time, I’m not a mother, so I’m tying my hardest to give her the benefit of the doubt - is this behaviour normal? Should I be mad at her for doing this? It’s got to the point where I’d actually prefer it if I fell in love with someone from a working class background just to spite her.

    well, times are likely about to get alot tougher in england, and she just wants you to be happy.

    Some parents will be concerned with financial matters and social standing and it will be due to their generation in part. If you were serious with this person and thinking about settling down with them then it'd be more understandable as your parents would want you to be financially secure, yet it sounds like you're still in the fairly early stages of dating.

    Younger people are generally more open-minded about things like class and less bothered about social ties and upbringing, I can't ever imagine myself judging my child for dating someone who was of a different social standing to us. It just doesn't bother newer generations as much. That said, as long as she doesn't constantly ask questions about his parents and how much money they have etc, then it shouldn't be a problem. Parents will be curious to know as much as they can about their child's significant other, it's when it starts becoming an interrogation that it's gone too far.
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