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WHO do you think is better to run this country?

I'm new to politics and want to learn more into what people believe is right/wrong for this country which is why I'm posting this.

Can any one explain the EU and the single market to me, and whether BREXIT was the right decision for us?

HOW will this affect the "younger" generations since the majority of the tory party are the elders who won't be around when BREXIT is finally in place?

I'm here to be open-minded about everyone's opinions, so feel free to share what you think, however I do think that everyone should have the right to come into this country, and those who are against this are racist f**ks

I just need some advice/education as I'm nearly old enough to vote and want to make the right decision
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Neither are that great tbh... but Corbyn and his shadow cabinet really do have no clue ( I mean you must have heard to jokes of Diane Abbot and her maths) May on the other hand, is incompetent, someone who has no authority when it comes to negotiating Brexit and is someone who makes anyone right wing drown in sorrow because of how she tackles things ( I for one am not a fan of many One Nation Conservatives)
Either way, read into both Labour’s and the Conservative’s manifestos, though neither last election were particularly good. It all depends on whether you believe that there should be more government control and that essential industries should be nationalised - at the expense of higher taxes- or do you believe in lower taxes that promote economic growth but with that, promoting more competition with companies.

As for Brexit, I was in the same position as you until the start of last year ( which is about the time I started shifting towards the right, though I had been a labour member until around the general election). The EU can be quite restrictive at times and does require us to follow certain rules and regulations. Freedom of movement doesn’t impact on freedom of trade I think and sensible boarders are perfectly acceptable - everyone has the right to apply to migrate here but I believe there should be checks on who comes in, it’s only natural. Lack of sensible migration means that we don’t as easily keep track of who’s coming into the country and that may be a risk to our freedom.
You should see Brexit as a new start, that the country has voted on, to new trade deals and less dealings with the unelected European top dogs.
Those are my opinions but don’t take my word on it, go out and explore your views!
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Bloody awful choice, frankly.

The very definition of a lose-lose scenario.

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