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21/02/18 - 25/02/18 Update || MissKaboodle21 GYG watch

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    Summary for this half of the week! This post might be quite long FYI!

    Wednesday: (after school)

    I made some chemistry flashcards for C3 from questions our teacher gave us - I made about 50 flashcards just for that topic! It took me about an hour to do on Chegg Flashcards which is available on the App Store and is much faster than cutting up paper and writing them. I will print them out when I’m not so busy.
    Then I decided to revise some parts of Rio de Janeiro for my geography exam that I did on Friday.
    I also decided to read over my Edexcel Study Skills book as it’s really helpful!


    Lesson 1: pe, we just done handball (core pe twice a week for everyone)
    Lesson 2: biology, we went over trophic levels and learnt some new keywords
    Lesson 3: English literature, we studied and made posters on ‘Before You Were Mine’
    Lesson 4: RS, we were told we were having a quiz so I revised lightly but we went in and there was a 12 mark question on the board and told this was going on our reports🙄 didn’t go too great but not too bad either!
    Lesson 5: maths, just did questions and not taught anything like usual, told we were having a maths test on Monday so very short notice😒

    After school:
    * revised over Rio and London and some sustainability for geography exam
    * did maths tuition homework, went to maths tuition (2 hours)
    * physics homework


    Lesson 1: geography, did the exam but surprisingly no questions on London or sustainability. 9 mark question was about how improvements were made in an LIC/NEE so I wrote about Barra de Tijuca that ran in Rio. Wish I revised a little more over global population for stronger answers but managed those questions. Think I wrote a bit too much for 9 marker as I was the only one to get an extra sheet of paper😳
    English: practising English language question 4
    Spanish: learning about what to say when a part of our body hurts
    Physics: a mini quiz which I got 10/19 so I needed to do a little better and marked over the homework that was due
    ICT: learnt about VAT and other price stuff on spreadsheets plus errors that can occur with autofill

    After school:
    * revise for upcoming physics exam using school resources (OCR textbook) and CGP revision guides and workbook
    * did Spanish homework which is to draw a monster labelling body parts
    * began making biology flash cards for B4


    I went to science tuition in the morning and came back home to make physics revision notes (I will attach two of my sheets for you to see). I also made ONE HUNDRED flashcards on Chegg, just like I did for chemistry. I really recommend it! This took me about one and a half hours approximately as I had a meal in between. I mainly revised for my physics exam but also did some English homework.


    After going to work experience I wrote out some more notes and went over my flashcards for physics (I seem to be addicted to this exam) and after I post this I will be using the CGP OCR Physics workbook. My teacher told me to photocopy these instead of write them out because then I will get a proper idea as to how much I write because I usually write wayy too much! I also made some biology notes (one of these will be attached) because at my school for triple we seem to have an exam all the time😬 I also went over memorising “Mother Any Distance” as this was our English homework. And just as I am typing this I have gotten a notification from ShowMyHomeWork just now that I have a maths exam TOMORROW which I now have literally no time to revise for!😱 Well, that will be an interesting story to come on Wednesday won’t it?😉😂

    I hope you liked the notes I’ve attached! Here are some guidelines I used for my notes, which you can use as well!

    * I think writing with my letters floating in between lines look a bit neater, but that is of course personal preference!
    * Always highlight key headings as they are much easier to see!
    * Drawings make your notes look more attractive and visual! (You don’t have to be great at art, I am pretty much hopeless at drawing but I still tried!)
    * Standing out headings or attractive headings make your notes look better and more practical!
    * Don’t write pages and pages copied out from textbooks - find the key points and that’s all you need to remember!
    * Don’t cramp your notes as this will be harder to read! Less is more!
    * If plain paper intimidates you (this is what happened to me as I had no clue how to do my notes on it) use lined! There will be much more structure to your notes and if you feel confident move onto plain!

    I hope you liked this post! I’m really enjoying this GYG and the important thing is that you guys do too!

    Question of the Day: Does your school use ShowMyHomeWork, and if it does, do you like it?

    Also, I’m not sure if I updated this second post of my GYG right, I went on the last one and clicked on “start new discussion” so is this correct or do I need to click on something else to carry on the thread?🤔🤔🤔

    See you all soon! Xx

    Umm... there’s nothing attached
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    It won’t let me upload the notes sorry guys xx

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