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So I am currently at University and there's this girl (who I am not attracted to) who was interested in my flatmate. Long story short my flatmate wasn't interested in her and rebound her my way and got her interested in me as she was looking for casual sex as her birthday was coming up pretty soon. So I attend her birthday not knowing much what my flatmate said about me to the girl and her flatmates and I later find out she wanted to casually have sex as she wanted to lose a virginity on her birthday (which I don't understand as being 19 and virgin is not a bad thing but understandable). I felt put off because I felt she expected something from me when I wasn't going to provide it as I wasn't interested.

I spoke to her flatmates during the party saying I was never interested or down to have sex with her and my flatmate just overhyped it all. So we go through the night and nothing goes on between us I never slept with her and she didn't get off with anyone during the night of her birthday. So the next day my flatmates still tell her flatmates and her that I am still interested in her and we are going clubbing with them again. I am wondering on any advice on what I should do.

Any advice appreciated thank you.
Dunnig Kruger
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Flip her over to someone on TSR.

And whoever takes this role on, please do your utmost to make the event as physically enjoyable as possible for this sweet girl.

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