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When do you think you'll be able to buy a house? watch


    (Original post by chelseadagg3r)
    You might be saving already, have some plans, or you might not know at all. Is this something you've thought about? Do you have any idea about when you might be able to afford a house?
    I can only afford to buy a house in Monopoly :sigh:

    I'm 23 and I purchased my first house last year, dare I say it with the help of my parents, which I'm very grateful for and one day hope to pay them back. However, I do not live in the house, I rent it out and it pays for itself. That way I can still save money (around £800 a month), without putting it into a mortgage. In the meantime, I live with my parents, which I actually prefer anyway. Win-win.

    Post Brexit. I can't afford one anyway.
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    TSR Support Team
    Hopefully by 2025 I'll own my own home, still undecided on a penthouse apartment or a house.

    A penthouse has great views, cosy and will be in London whereas a house is bigger and less expensive.
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    TSR Support Team
    The plan is to buy one with my fiancé after we get married next year. Whether that will happen is another matter
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    ........you become disillusioned, justifiably angry, cynical, this then leads to hopelessness, and finally despair and depression, [or disease] Its not a house that they price you out of. Its a life.
    Cynism occurs when there is injustice or oppression which happens, unpunished, or uncorrected, for too long.
    And its all due to greed and systemic corruption.
    Be aware of this. Its all very destructive to the Self.
    And it doesnt matter who you vote for.
    I've watched all the housing ministers closely for over twenty years. In reality there was [and is] no difference, in policy between Labour and the Tories.

    Call for a National Land Value Tax. [Which would and could easily replace our council taxes, and even a large portion of our income taxes. Before income tax, the main taxation of the day was the land tax.]

    What are the supposed benefits of LVT?
    It is just, because it returns to the community the increase in site value created by the community and in many cases funded by the community.
    It does not take anything earned by from individual effort or the product of labour.
    It is not based on ability to pay but on benefits arising from having the sole use of a site.
    It cannot be evaded, avoided, hidden in off shore trusts.
    It cannot be passed on by landowners in higher rents or by producers and retailers in higher prices.
    It is simple to collect. The assessment and administration are relatively easy. It will not require thousands of civil servants to run.
    As a progressive system, the tax falls heaviest where it is easiest to pay.
    It will ensure that vacant and under-used land is brought into best use.
    It will prevent land speculation leading to unnaturally high house prices.
    It will prevent urban sprawl due to land being deliberately held out of use.
    It will force owners of empty or derelict houses to make them habitable and available.
    It will stimulate economic activity, particularly at the margin, creating job opportunities and promoting wealth creation because marginal sites will pay no tax.
    Interest rates can be kept low. The Bank of England attempts to control land price and property inflation with a high base rate. LVT will allow the Bank to keep interest rates low for the benefit of the whole community – including landowners.
    It can replace existing unfair and inefficient taxes on production, wages, sales, exchange, as well as impositions such as Council Tax and Uniform Business Rate.
    It is not a burden on production like all current taxes that are passed on in higher prices resulting in lower wages and the need for the State to provide a myriad of benefits to mitigate poverty.
    Land Value Taxation accords with natural law and economic justice. It ensures that everyone keeps the wealth they create, and any extra due to location is given back to society. Nobody has unfair privileges, and everyone has an equal chance to succeed.


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