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    i used to like someone. lets call him "riley" and then my friends helped me realise i wasnt actually in love with him. i was just in love with the attention so i broke it off from him. turned out i liked his bestf the whole time cuz we would like flirt at this drama thing we both did and then when that ended we would still talk alot. turns out he liked me this whole time too. but now "riley" is still in love with me and he wont get over me even if me and lets call him "joe" went out so now im stuck w what to do i feel like "joe" is tghe right one for me. he cheers me up so much even if he doesn't try. he gets me and we can be weird and funny but cute. but now "riley" is starting to get inbetween what me and "joe" had and theyre bestf so they wont hurt each other and I have been crying over it for the past hour and 45 mins because I cant talk to anyone about it and ive just bottled everything up. there is a lot more I could write about what else is making me cry so much but I need advice on what to do.

    Hey there
    You shouldn't cry about this, it's very flattering that two boys you liked, like you back!
    I'd say if you and "Joe" like each other, then you should try and make a go of it. However if Joe won't because of hurting his friend "Riley", then he's putting his friendship before you, which is quite admirable thing to do especially as he likes you, but putting his friend first is a really good quality for a guy to have. It might be that Riley just needs a bit more time to get over you, and if you make that easier for him by keeping distance between you, it might be that he moves on, or decides that he doesn't mind you and Joe going out. Giving things time doesn't mean you will lose Joe, you can still hang out or do what you've been doing, but it just means things won't be as difficult for everyone. You could have a private chat with Joe so he knows how you feel and how you want to play things, and that you don't want to come between two friends but you do really like him, and see what he says. He might like you even more for it.
    I hope that helps!!
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