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Me ranting abotu my English A2 coursework but feel free to weigh in watch

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    I’ve posted about this teacher before. She’s turned this coursework from something I was really genuinely excited and enthusiastic about to something unrecognisable and at this stage I’d almost rather just give up and hand it in for the predicted D grade than look at it again – that’s how much I hate it! After making me change my investigation subject from political journalism to music journalism, she gave me feedback on the main body of coursework in the form of vague notes on the pages, accompanied by a sheet of QR scanners (which I had to pay £5 to use one specific app to scan) and once scanned it took you to a webpage which contained a 5 minute recording of her speaking into her phone to give feedback (the thing could only do 5 minutes at a time so there could be up to four of these recordings and we had to use our data to access all of them because we had to do it in the lesson and college still hasn’t sorted out our devices connecting to wifi yet). She insisted it was easier for her to do that than to make actual notes, so I did some yoga breaths and got on with it. Then I was hospitalised on the day we were meant to bring in our poster, the accompaniment to our coursework, for workshopping, so I emailed it to her 10 minutes before the lesson started along with an explanation to my absence. She replied saying “okay. I’ll let you know what you miss” 5 minutes later and then when I went into lesson with her on Friday she said that she hadn’t put my poster in the pile for workshopping since I wasn’t there and said it wouldn’t be fair if I wasn’t reviewing other peoples’, even though the people who were there were just passing them around in silence and making notes, not communicating/verbally exchanging notes. The deadline is the 28th, so today I tried to get onto the verbal feedback to make sure I’d got everything because it is just 20 minutes of her talking and I have some auditory processing difficulties, and I can’t get onto the website. I emailed her basically saying ????? and she’s replied saying that the website has been taken down! She says that she’s going to give us the next two lessons to work on it but we have to hand it in at the end of the second lesson (11pm on the 28th), as opposed to by 4pm that day, which means that I can’t use the rest of that day, which I had free, to work on it.
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