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Why are people so full of hatred? watch

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    I’m in high school and I’m a quiet, kind person (as people I know say) and I always strive to treat everyone with the same amount of respect no matter what. Since a boy named Logan knew me he has been doing small but unkind things to me which I brush off and start New the next day. He pushed my books on the floor once and the next day I lent him my pencil. I know I was being stupid and should have told someone about it but I thought if it didn’t bother me to the point I was upset it didn’t matter, so I carried on. Sometimes he picked on the other quiet kids that wouldn’t be able to get their voices heard so I stuck up for them, putting myself in the spot in front of the tiger where they had been, so like a tiger does, he tears at what meat has been replaced and so Logan said more hurtful things to me but I thought it was okay as long as he didn’t do anything to anyone else. I tried my best. Until a week ago I was sat in a seating plan beside him trying to carry on with my work as he fed knives through my ears and into my heart. My hand started shaking and my pencil dropped. Tears collected at the base of my eyelids. It had really got to me this time. He had said only a few words but it felt like a million daggers. I couldn’t take it anymore as I got up and ran out the classroom, tears streaming down my face. Later he found out that I had been crying and I thought maybe, just maybe he will stop. Maybe he has a heart. But as I sat down I learned otherwise. I had had enough. I went straight to my chaplain and told her what had happened. In the following days he had tried to cover up his tracks, confront me with a gang of friends and spread things about me to the whole class. I finally accepted I had been bullied. Why? Because I was too kind, too forgiving, too respectful. And it hasn’t just been him. This morning a younger year girl opened the door, slamming it into my body by accident, for a second she was about to say sorry, but then saw that she needn’t bother and pushed pass my throbbing chest. No matter what I do or what I say nothing seems to change. I tell the teachers, comes back on me. I try to stand up for myself, they got a reaction so they do double. I do nothing, they carry on. I stick up for others, apparently I fancy them now. Even all of my friends treat other people different to the popular people and when I confront them they say it’s just a ‘joke’ Yeah well ‘jokes’ can hurt. Thankyou for reading this all happened over the past two months (jan - feb) what a great start to the year! Anyway please be strong if this is happening to you! And if you need to talk feel free to contact me thankyou x
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