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    My block is having a fancy dress theme in a few weeks time for a bar crawl where there are 15 animals and each person with a partner has to dress up as an animal for noahs ark theme. We pulled names out of a hat and i have to dress up as a parrot! Which is quite annoying. We're not allowed to swap animas with each other either.
    I don't want to buy a parrots costume as i have looked them up and they cost a lot! Does anyone know how i would go about dressing up as a parrot???? Someone suggested maybe wearing multicolours and wear a beak (no idea where i would get a parrots beak from- any ideas? or maybe making one, but i am completely rubbish at making stuff!).
    Any ideas would be great!!

    wear a feathered headdress
    then make your arms into wings by sewing pieces of fabric to the sides of a top and tie them to your wrists, cover the fabric in feathers
    find a parrot to imitate in colour schemes eg mccaws or something
    face paint a beak
    wear funky bird foot shoes


    Guh fancy dress is such an annoyance.

    Or make some wings with cardboard and paper stuck on

    (I LOVE fancy dress)
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Updated: February 8, 2008
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