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Glasgow school of art interview

Anyone recently had an interview at gsa for any of the fine art courses? I had mine last week and I feel like It went awful! Although the conversation flowed super, I spoke about absolute crap, probably repeated myself, didn't mention the stuff I wanted to and spoke about 294728mph! I was dead nervous and I can barely remember the whole time I was in there, I've overthought it that much that my mind has gone to mashed potato... it's just a blur! I was too ethusiastic about the wrong stuff, went off topic and I was so unprofessional!
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When I was at Oxford for my interview at the Ruskin school I spoke very concisely about my works and goals and answered questions as straightforward as possible. My biggest fault was not bringing any new things to show for in my portfolio. Everyone else had done so, even unfinished works, but aside from that most people babbled and as far as I'm aware they all got in. These professors are artists themselves, they've been dealing with young artists that merit in creativity more than eloquent speech for years. They expect babbling so it's not the worst thing in the world, especially if the conversation has flow. That means that you hopefully found an interesting topic that they wanted you to expand on. As long as it showed your potential for creativity and hopefully some critical thinking, that's usually what they want. Talking about meaning behind your own art is what they expect from you, if they think you're going off track they would try to steer you back on to it, it's important to be attentive and listen but there is no harm in showing them you're passionate.Also try to remember these professors have been doing interviews for years and so it's important to consider that they do have a checklist to get through, but they also like to be amused. If you're boring, which I'm sure I was, they won't see why you're qualified to enrich their university environment. They take your anxiety into consideration, they know full well how nervous you are especially if you're still in high school or if it's your first time applying.
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hey, I would love to know if you got in! I've got an interview this monday and I will admit, I am crapping it. could you tell me how they do the interviews? is it one to one or is it like a group interview? thanks in advance.
Hey there! I guess youll have had your interview by now, but what course are you applying for? I'm applying for painting and printmaking and i had my interview on the 15th. How did you think yours went?
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Is your interview in March?
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Has anyone applied to do Sculpture and Environmental art? I had an interview the other day for a different university and I don't think it went that well so I want to be more prepared for GSA

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