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Is it advisable to start a relationship even though we are going to depart in 3 month watch

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    I've been debating whether if it is advisable to get into a relationship when you know that in 3 months time that we are going to separate our ways and we each are going to leave to universities which most likely going to end as long-term relationship will most likely won't work out. Need some input in this.

    I am most certaintly sure that we both like each other but I am a very rational person, hence, I have been putting back on asking her out because rationally thinking this relationship would just end in 3 months time and would it be even worth it?
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    If you genuinely can't see yourself making long distance work and it lasting then maybe don't waste your time. But if you feel like you like her enough and would want to at least put the effort in and try long distance then I think it's worth giving it a shot.
    Depends on if you'd rather try and it doesn't work out but at least you gave it a go. Or if you'd rather not bother but maybe regret it in years to come.

    I'm at uni, I know of two relevant cases. One girl's still with her bf now even tho they're at 2 different unis, they were together about 6 months before the grand departure. Another lad was with his girl for about 2 years, uni started then she dumped him after like a month I think? As far as I can tell, the time at which you break up isn't necessarily relevant to how long you've actually been together and is far more related to whether you like each other enough to be able to cope with the distance.

    Things to note:
    -No guarantees it would end
    -No guarantees it wouldn't end
    -No guarantees she'd even say yes if you asked her out

    Things to consider:
    -If it ends as soon as freshers week starts, have you really lost anything?
    -How well do you think you'd cope long distance anyway?
    -How likely do you think it is that you'd torture yourself with imaginary "what if" scenarios involving her if you never got with her and didn't find anybody else after a few months at uni?
    -Are you one of those people that are absolutely desperate to hoe around during freshers for some reason?

    In your position I'd ask her out anyway

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