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My girlfriend lives with her ex. It is making my anxiety go crazy watch


    “Girlfriend lives with her ex”

    She’s not your girlfriend anymore mate. Leave and fjnd someone else
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    (Original post by fallen_acorns)
    "Don’t show her that this situation is making you feel anxious. She doesn’t have to know that, that’s your problem."

    "but you cannot tell her how to act."


    "Communication is the key and believe me"

    Bits in bold from your response. Communication is key.. just don't tell her how you feel, or what you think she should do...


    To the Op:

    Their contract runs out in 4 months. Tell her clearly how you feel about this, and that its making you uncomfortable, then if she is reasonable you can work together on a solution.

    If it were me in a relationship and I was looking for a solution I would say, well its only 4 months - bare it for now, but plan to live together away from her ex after her contract runs out. During these 4 months maybe you can visit more often so that you worry less about what's going on when your not there. In 4 months she moves away from her ex, or you join in with living with them all in the same or a different house, and then problem solved, carry on with your relationship.

    The difference between me and the poster above, is when I say that communication is important, I mean it. That means:

    Tell her how you feel, and what is on your mind
    Tell her, what you think should happen, what you can do, and what she can do
    Listen to her responses carefully and together try and address the problem.

    I don't think you understood my message properly. I did say to tell or ask her gently, he can tell her how he feels, but it's not good to show it stresses him that much. It won't help his situation. Nothing bad has happened so things can be discussed in a very chilled way and being supportive about her situation. She may not want to be there but has no other choice. You can ask and suggest but you cannot tell someone what to do. 4 or 5 months is not such a long time, actually, it makes the heart fonder. If she really likes him, there won't be any problem. As I said before, trust and support is the key. If she is mature enough and kind, she will get it!

    soyboy problems
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    Why people say “it’s not healthy to have these thoughts” and “don’t you trust her” in these situations make me so agitated, 99% chance this mofo is cheating
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