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Not happy with my life at the minute watch

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    Basically at the moment, I'm miserable because, I used to be very driven academically, because I wanted a good career, nice car, and a decent level of disposable income.

    I basically 'did everything I was supposed to do'. That's not to say I am entirely 'wet behind the ears' as most mention on here, I have work experience, but mostly drifted between rubbish dead end work.

    I now have a partner, and am in a relationship I am not happy with. She tells me I'm selfish and all I care about is money, I make no effort.
    To some extent, I could've made more effort, but at heart, I am career driven, and tried over the last couple years to secure a job with a decent starting salary.

    I literally spend my time day dreaming of the 'better life' in some exotic destination, looking at all my 'well off' friends and their families going to Oz and Canada every summer. While, I'm here in a deprived part of the country, struggling to get by.

    I still work in rubbish job with no prospects (unrelated to my degree), and furthermore, live in a part of the country I don't like.

    I more or less, moved over for partners sake. I took a lowly job, just to pay my rent and bills. But its just full of the sorts of people that have no ambition (I'm talking about some of the younger people out of education and coasting through life). Still here two years on. I cannot wait to get out, but equally I've found it hard to land a role.

    I have an interview today, after having a massive argument with partner and generally having a long break away at my Mother's (made me feel blue to come back here), I hate having to come back to this 'dive' of a place.

    I live in a post-industrial northern city, that brags about been 2nd to London, (now I am actually a Northerner myself), so before anyone says anything I have experienced living in urban and rural areas. There are much nicer cities in the country than the one I live.

    I just hate the accent, the culture (in some respects), and generally the ignorance they have of people that aren't from here. They hate people from Yorkshire, Scousers, and anyone that has a distinguished accent or level of education. Even more so for my place of work.

    Do I just pull the plug and leave, move back in with parents?

    If you don't like where you are currently living, is it possible to relocate? Perhaps you have savings or temporarily move back to your parents? You need to work out what you want to do, and what steps to take next, be it looking for relevant types of work or extra qualifications. Do you mind me asking what you studied and what you intended to do? An important thing you need to attend to is your relationship - you mention that you are arguing with your partner a lot. Do you want to stay with them and how would they feel if you wanted to leave your town?
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