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    could anyone give me some advice about these schools – what are some of the pros and cons of each of them or which is considered the strongest? I've heard a lot of good about AUB, but now recently I've read that the students who are studying there are not actually satisfied and that the course isn't that great? Does anyone have a comment on what's up with that?

    – AUB
    – Plymouth College of Arts
    – Norwich University of the Arts
    – Falmouth University
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    I think satisfaction from all the courses across the country is pretty low. That's due to the nature of the course. If you're doing film production it's mostly going to be you building experience shooting/prepping and editing content yourself. Then comes how you do that? Often there are shortages of equipment such as pro-grade cameras, lighting ect and it's served on a first come first serve basis. So some lose out. You also usually end up having cover fees associated with projects yourself rather than them being covered by the uni. Meaning on top of paying for the course, accom ect you're now having to pay for props.. often not told upfront. Which means over the 3 years you can feel let down compared to a student doing chemistry who in theory has actually learnt a lot more.

    What uni however provides you is the platform to access things you wouldn't before, time to produce content and potentially links to move forward with your career. . Of those you have highlighted i'd say AUB would be best. Also take a look at Farnham UCA and Ravensbourne.

    Pick the one with the best industry connections, and the best equipment available.

    I worked with a lot of film graduates back when I was in the Uk on projects that they were completing for their courses, and by and large none of them progressed in the industry at all from their course alone. 2 have gone on too work in the film/tv industry, but both secured their jobs on the back of a combination of self-initiated projects that they started and saw to completion, and networking/working with other creative individuals outside of university.

    Both took heavy advantage of the equipment and facilities at the universities - so thats why I would say look at the praticalities. Forget the teaching, it really is not going to matter to you in the long run, just focus on which one gives you the best platform.

    Because thats the benifit to studying film at university, not the teaching, not the lectures or the staff.. its that you get:

    A, 3 years where you have all the time in the world to focus on improving your craft
    B, 3 years where you have access to top-class equipment that you couldn't normally afford
    C, 3 years where your surrounded by other creative individuals, not just filmmakers, art students, designers, drama/acting students, music students

    Its an amazing place, and once you view it like that, it becomes a massive opertuntity. so pick a university that matches that.

    Personally from your list I would avoid falmouth. Its a great university, my sister and my best friend studied creative courses there - but its awful for networking within creative diciplines. Its far to far away from any of the major film/tv production hubs, and you will really struggle to make the right contacts there.
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