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Morning After Pill- Doubts about LATE second period watch

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me a bit with my the laaaaaarge headache I'm having right now.

    I had my nomal period from the 20-24th of December. Before I continue, I wish no one sends any negative messages saying things such as "how irresponsible" or "you messed up your whole cycle" or anything like that, cause currently I'm just quite anxious and quite stressed. Anyways,

    I had unprotected sex the 28th of December, and I mean 'sort of' because he just put the tip inside and I'm 100% sure he didn't ejaculate. However I had read about pre-*** and about there being a slim risk of becoming pregnant, so...went to the pharmacy, told the pharmaceutist about my worries and she suggested me taking the Morning After Pill.

    *Just to clarify, I hadn't ovulated yet and it was the first day of my fertile days, the very first day. Still, I decided to take it because I just became so paranoid that didn't think of anything else.*

    Took the pill the 29th and 6 DAYS LATER, from the 4th of January till the 8th (5 days counting the first one, the normal length of one of my cycles), GOT a PERIOD. I'm sure it wasn't implantation as it was 5 days and I was changing pads, however it wasn't as heavy as my normal period. Went to the ginecologyst and she told me that obviously, if I had had my normal period 2 weeks ago, the amount of blood the endometrium would release wouldn't be normal as the Morning After Pill had provoked that period.

    Now the problem is that since that period (the 4th of January) I haven't had a proper period. Waited till the 4th of February (as my cycles are normally 30 days) and no period. 4 days later I decided to do a pregnancy test and it was (obviously) negative.

    The 16th of February went again to the ginecologist, she did an ecography, and if I had conceived I would be 7-8 weeks pregnant. She did an ecography and there was nothing, no baby, NOTHING.

    Thus, after telling her about having nearly a 2 week delay, she decided to give me some progesterone pills to 'regulate' my period and make it come. She told me to take them for 10 days, 3 in total, 1 in the morning and 2 before going to sleep. The thing is that I'm on day 8, and yesterday went to the bathroom and saw (not to be too graphic) some cervical mucus with pink blood, well not pink, but very light coloured blood, still not like a normal period. Today, day 8, I'm still having cervical mucus with blood, yet a bit darker, but it's not a period as I'm not constantly bleeding. I believe I'm spotting due to either having a late ovulation or spotting before my period, or even having intermenstrual spotting. I've also read that before having your period, it may be normal to have a pink cervical mucus 3 or 4 days before actually getting your period,

    So..after all this story, I hope someone can help me a bit:

    Is it still possible I may be pregnant?
    Is it normal to have this cervical mucus with a bit of blood before the start of my SECOND late period?
    Does it mean I'm going to have my period soon?
    Is it normal to have such a late second period after the pill or my cycle just skipping one period?
    Has anyone had a second late period after taking the Morning After Pill? I am aware of the fact about the pill messing your cycle up for months , and as soon as I get my normal period I'll start with oral contraceptives.

    Thank you so much and if anyone could help it would be appreciated. Thank you xx

    Hey! Sorry you’re going through this!

    If you have taken the morning after pill and they have done scans and tests and they have been negative for a baby, don’t worry.

    The morning after pill can mess with your cycle and make weird things appear in the toilet so try not worry, although I know it’s hard.

    Wait another few days and for your own peace of mind you can take another test, but the best thing to do is just wait it out :/
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    Hello! Just went to the bathroom and I’m having my normal period

    Again not to be too graphic but with small blood-clots. If there are blood clots it’s obviously a period! I guess I was far too stressed and the progesterone worked 😊❤️
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