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    No definition can ever describe a Mum. They are literally a miracle, that comes in all types of way.

    Just want to say to all TSR users (quite randomly) to appreciate your mums, love your mums- so much so you are carrying them on your shoulder.

    It doesn't matter what religion, or who you are. You don't know what you have until they are gone. The same mum who would give her life for u.

    Islam says 'Paradise is under your Mums feet'- They are our entry tickets to Jannah. I can literally, full confidence say I can never in my lifetime repay my mum for carrying me for 9 months, giving difficult birth to me (she never talks about) and nurturing, loving, caring, protecting- shielding me from harm and raising me.

    The smile I see on my mums face, literally makes my day. She is so calm, so loving. And so is every other Mum.


    We can agree our Mums have for sure laid out our Duniya for us (our world), why don't WE lay out their Akhirah (Life after death) for them - if ur muslim.

    Things you can do:

    - Provide a Water Pump/Water Well where needed most- dedicate this to your Mum/or parents. They will reap the rewards/benefits for as long as the water is benefiting everyone.

    - Sponsor A Elderly/Child- donate to help a elderly, charity will send u updates with their health and well being- in the meantime your mum or dad will reap the rewards

    - Sponsor a Hafiz- The person learns Quran, for as long as the person recites each word- due to ur donation, your parents will reap the rewards.

    - Contribute to mosque building/ buy a prayer mat- as long as that is used, your mum is benefited.

    And whats the best thing with this is when your parents pass and Inshallah they are awarded Jannah, Allah will say you have all this extra deeds. PArents will question why? How? Thats when Allah will Say what u did. Mashallah! Can you imagine that moment.. Subhanallah.

    Prophet Muhammed said 3 things will benefit the dead after their passing:

    When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah (water pump, sponsors), a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du'a for him ( you. Let's start whilst they're alive, imagine the barakhah for them)

    Inshallah I will be doing this soon, however I thought I may share this with some who may benefit. Allah knows best. Thank u for reading this.

    Wow - almost teared up.
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