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    i am literally crazy and don’t know how to stop. this problem is only with my boyfriend... literally not crazy towards anyone else. i do not understand why i am so insecure in our relationship. he is an amazing person and i love him and he treats me very well but recently he’s been working very late because he does trading at a team and he works with this girl i get bad vibes from. i don’t have a good reason although she always tries to hug my boyfriend, and she is very pretty and “his type”. i am typically not a jealous person... i am a model and not bad looking, but i am younger than him and still in school whereas he is two years older and out. she is 3 years older than him. i don’t hide my craziness like he knows i’m insane and i blow up his phone and can’t stop and i always assume the worse and freak myself out. does anyone know how to get over this?

    In all honesty you shouldn't be in a relationship if you are this insecure. It sounds horrible but you need to get over yourself because not only are you jeopardising your relationship, you're being controlling, jealous and unattractive. No man wants to be in a relationship with a woman who is insecure. Do you have any hobbies? Do you do things outside of your relationship that doesn't involve your boyfriend? Start working on yourself before you try to find fault with others or the world around you.

    Think about it: if he wanted to be with the other woman then why is he dating you? Think logically for a moment; if he wanted to be with her then he would dump you and be with her, and if you carry on the way that you are he might well do so.

    Have you met this woman before? Have you spoken? She might only think of him as a friend and if you speak to her you might find that you like each other. Women need to stop with this girl-on-girl hate and believing that other women are at fault when "their men" stray.

    1 Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously. Start laughing and taking the mickey out of bad things that happen in your life.

    2. No one can help their emotions. Everyone can control how they act in response to their emotions. Feeling highly jealous and insecure is one thing. How you talk and act with your boyfriend is another.

    3. There is a distinct possibility he's playing away. It's also possible he's not. Gather evidence. Or get someone else to gather it for you. For example do a random anonymous check that he is actually in work and working. And not in the broom cupboard or bedroom with some hottie. Trust your instincts. They are usually right.

    4. He's your boyfriend, not your puppet.

    5. If he does have sex with her, so what? It's not the end of the world. It may be the end of your relationship, but you will find someone else no problem. You're a model!

    6. If the frequency of ejaculatory sex between you and him has gone down a lot, that's a big sign he's playing away. If it hasn't he'd have to be eating pumpkin seeds like nobody's business to keep it up.
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