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I can't stand my best friend anymore, and I feel awful. watch

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    I'm not sure what I can do except stop talking to her. We have been friends since we were 6 & 7 (I'm the older one) and now, just over 10 years later, we're "best friends." Unlike me, she loves groups and has an immense number of so-called "friends," which is fine by me, except that they are horrible to her.
    They ignore her, talk behind her back, don't invite her to parties - the list goes on - but the chances she gives them is infinite, and I believe it's the negativity they give her that's contributed to her poor mental health (she has to go to counselling, you see). Also, she met a guy once and they've got each other's numbers, and she says how much she likes him and will find time to text him while telling me she's too busy revising. And yeah, she calls him one of her "closest friends."
    It's infuriating. She feels like she has to solve everyone else's problems, regardless of who they are and how they treat her, to solve hers. I constantly say "do what makes you happy," but she's like a mat - people walk all over her, and she lets them.
    I used to overlook this, and forgive her for cancelling so many catch-up plans at school because she had to look after one of her horrible "friends," but I've had enough.
    Her heart's in the right place, I know, but I just can't stand her anymore.
    Should I tell her straight how it is, despite me actually saying to her that what she does isn't good for her wellbeing? Or just let the bridge burn? I'm worried I'm overreacting, but she promises so much to me and simply doesn't stick to her word and prioritizes others over me because she thinks I'm going to let it slide. I've had enough of being marginalised when I make time for her, and she doesn't since she spends too much time worrying what everyone else thinks of her.

    I think it's time to tell her how you feel, start with telling her how you feel such as you still love/like her but she needs to get her act together explain how she doesn't make time for you and how you feel like she doesn't appreciate you. if she really cares about you she will listen and have a conversation and try to sort it out
    best wishes
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    Yeah I think start telling her how u feel
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