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I know that most people start their GYG's at the start of the school year or for A-Levels a lot of people start at AS level. I have only recently got into TSR therefore never thought about starting a blog to present my days leading up to results day. After reading a few today I felt more motivated to study and I hope that my journey can do the same to a fellow procrastinator out there!

  • English - A
  • Irish - A
  • Religion - B
  • Maths - B
  • ICT - B
  • Spanish - B (Early Entry - Twighlight classes)
  • Business Studies - B
  • Drama - C
  • Physics - C
  • Computing - C

I went on to choose 4 A-Levels (big mistake) as recommended by my school. In hindsight I definitely would make some changes to my choices. I chose:
  • Spanish
  • ICT/Digital Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Religion

I either want to be a primary religion teacher or go into photography, film and media etc.

At AS I achieved:
  • Religion - C
  • Business Studies - C
  • ICT/Digital Technology - D
  • Spanish - D

Being truthfully honest with myself and the readers of this blog I did not revise for my As's in the slightest, the most revision I did was on the day of the exam and that is not something I am proud of I just completely lost all motivation when it approached exam time.

After a meeting with my vice principal I was advised to drop either Spanish or Digital Technology where I chose Spanish. Spanish was hard for me to drop as the class was my friend group, the class was a always really fun however I realised that if I am laughing through another year of my A-Levels I won't be going to Uni.

I'll give you a quick rundown on my subjects and how I feel about them.

Religious Studies
I chose this as if you want to be a teacher in Northern Ireland you need at least one specific essay based subject at A-Level. I enjoy religion thoroughly, I love learning about ethics around the world and culture. My religion class is split into two topics: The Gospels and Ethics. Ethics at AS i achieved a B grade and at Gospel I got a D, which brought me down to a C. I am now going to repeat my Gospel test this year to hopefully bring me up to an A

Needed Grade: A

ICT/Digital Technology
This is a new subject and I can really tell by the way it is being taught to my class. The only source of information we have to be taught by is
fact files CCEA have provided and most of these fact files have spelling mistakes and grammar errors. I feel like CCEA got rid of ICT before they had this A-Level ready. I am not making excuses for myself as I realise I didn't revise for this subject but also my teacher does not like to use the fact files which is understandable as they are complete nonsense however it is annoying as the fact files are what CCEA is going to use to mark the exams. We are currently doing coursework which is 20% of the overall A-Level. Last year I got D in both units, therefore I am repeating them both this year,

Needed Grade: A/B

Business Studies
I enjoy business studies however I always seem to mess up my timing, my test is filled with 20 markers and 25 markers therefore there is a lot of writing involved. Similar to religion and ICT this is a brand new specification so again there is no textbook but I am depending on notes my teacher has given out. Last year I achieved 2 high Cs in both units and I felt that anymore repeats would be putting a lot of stress on myself. Therefore I need to work very hard this year to pull up this grade.

Needed Grade: A

Note** This year my exams are worth 60% of my overall whereas last year they were worth 40% in theory it should be easier to pull up my grades by exams this year in comparison to previous years were the A-Levels were split 50/50

About Me!
I am 17 years old, 5ft 10 and very socially entertained meaning I love to go out with my friends, on weekends or weekdays I can always make time for them.

I enjoy sports but quit Gaelic football a year ago cause we didn't have a time, now I just watch it and go to local games and train myself by doing weights, going for runs, skipping etc.

I tend to stay up too late a lot but recently that hasn't been the case as I have been tired a lot more I think this might be due to the fact that I am trying to stay in good shape by cutting out more food as this summer I will be going to Spain with my friends, going to festivals and heading to NY with some cousins and don't want to be embarrassed to take my top off. I am not fat but toned and would like to stay that way!

My school is 40/45 mins away from my house so getting up in the morning tends to be hard as I have to awaken at 7:00am which may be the norm for some and others might find that they get up earlier than that! (how you do it amazes me). I can drive so I tend to find myself not getting up for the bus and being 10/15 mins late because I drove in.

My aim of this blog/journey is to show how revising and having an active social life can still bring out some pretty good results!

From the highest grades needed to the lowest these are what I have applied for:
  • Teaching at St Mary's - AAA (Offer and had Interview)
  • Broadcast Production at Queen's - ABB (Offer)
  • Interactive multimedia design - ABB (No offer yet)
  • Film Studies and Production at Queen's - BBB (Offer)
  • Interaction Design at Ulster - BCC (No offer yet)
  • Animation at Ulster - BCC (No offer yet)

I have also applied for foundation degrees and A-Level fast track at another uni if I get any lower than BCC, so i'll have something to fall back on!

Important Dates
27/03/2018 - Coursework deadline for ICT
01/04/2018 - Interview results from St Mary's
14/04/2018 - My 18th birthday!
03/05/2018 - UCAS Choices limited to 2 deadline.
17/05/2018 - Religion AS Unit 1 Repeat
04/06/2018 - Digital Technology AS Unit 1 Repeat
05/06/2018 - Religion A2 Unit 1 Exam
07/06/2018 - Business Studies A2 Unit 1 Exam
08/06/2018 - Digital Technology AS Unit 2 Repeat
11/06/2018 - Digital Technology A2 Unit 1 Exam
11/06/2018 - Business Studies A2 Unit 2 Exam
18/06/2018 - Religion A2 Ethics Exam - FINAL EXAM!!!

So that's my introduction to my journey! I will update this regularly and if anyone has any tips on what I should prioritise or revision techniques please let me know! If I missed anything else also let me know and any general questions I can answer too!! WISH ME LUCK!
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Thursday 8th of March

Sorry I have not written a post since I started this! So I have some catching up to do, the date I mentioned for my coursework deadline
is incorrect (I think) My teacher was discussing the work today and mentioned how we would really have to work over the Easter break
which isn't until 1st of April therefore it would make sense if it was for later date. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said it? I wrote this blog
after completing my Assessment 3 exams so my motivation wasn't really there when I was sitting them.I have only got one result back
and it's from one of my religion classes were I got 52% (I am not angry at the mark as many people in the class got below me). I don't
think its a reflection of me as a student but more of the class itself and our teacher has realised this. After giving back the exams I think
she realised that her pass rate could go way down this year if she doesn't seriously force us to do the work. She is a big pushover
and to be honest I do like push my chances with her and see how little work we can get away with. Obviously, it's not the right mindset to be in
for A-levels but you act as an average of your 5 friends and my 5 closest friends are dossers in class but work hard at home. I have began
thinking of accommodation for next year and thinking that if I put a deposit down for a student house with my friends then I will be really motivated
to work as money has been put down and it means things are getting real. Only problem is I obviously don't have my student finance now so I can't
pay right now but I don't want to wait until September because then only the bad houses will be left which is obviously not ideal. This weekend I am going
to a holiday home for my nanny's birthday so will be away for all of Saturday and working on Sunday. I have also joined a gym, did that yesterday and
plan on going there every other day. So should be going tomorrow!

What homework/work I have been given:
ICT - Check coursework and make a list of things I don't have (due tomorrow)
ICT - Finish documentation and analysis section and submit to showbie (due Monday)
Religion: Ethics - Essay on Capital Punishment (due next Thursday)
Religion: Synoptics - Make 6 page revision notes on 4 topics (due Monday)

What I will do tonight
Get home and get ready for work at 4:40pm
leave for work at 4:50pm
Get work at 5:00
Leave work at 9:00
Home for 9:15
Get dinner at 9:30
Check database work and make a list of what's needed at 9:50
Workout at 10:20
Sleep at 11:00
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Tuesday 13th of March

Hey Guys! Massive boost of motivation recently, I think it's because I worked out really how close my tests are now! 65 days till my first exam and 97 days until summer - that's about 9 weeks until my first exam which will absolutely fly in considering we are on the 10th week of 2018 and that has went by in a flash! I am so excited for summer and I want to be enjoying my summer without dreading results day so I am just going to put the work in! I realised once you start the work its so easy to get in a good flow - the hardest thing to do is to start revising or your homework! Just get through the beginning of your revision and you will not even realise how simple it will become! Today I have a pre-entry advice session for one of the foundation degrees I have applied for and the timing of it is awkward so I took today off to work on my coursework for Digital Technology, I got roughly 10 pages done today and this is the best grind of motivation I have been on in a while. I am going to start my 15 week plan for having a beach ready body for my trips this summer and festivals etc. so I will update you guys on that too :-)

If you could go to any concert, which artist/band would you go see?
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Wednesday 21st of March

Hey Guys! Last time we spoke was a week or so ago, so I have a few updates; firstly, turns out my interview results came earlier than expected as I found out last week I had passed it as well as the written task! Over the moon with that, also discovered my cousin and one my closest friends also passed so all is looking good there. However, my ICT coursework seems to be a problem the teacher rang home again today because I haven't got everything submitted (even though nobody has it all submitted so he rang majority of the class today). He has set deadlines for each of the sections now - one being this friday so i will work on that tonight. He wants to schedule a meeting with my parents and I and its so aggravating!!! I know it's in the teachers job description to help students anyway they can but I wish people would just let me do my thing and stop pressuring me with phone calls and deadlines. Just let me work and I will have the stuff done in time!

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Hi, I was just wondering how this whole journey's going for you and if writing about what you WANT to achieve helped? I'm now thinking of starting a thread too to try motivate me but the only problem is- I'm half way through my AS exams and legit feel like I don't have the energy or even care enough to get good grades, opinions? I just don't feel like I can see myself going to uni and I feel as if teachers have too high expectations for me

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