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Getting over someone you love watch

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    Basically, I have fancied this girl for years. Nearly a year ago, we all started meeting up as a group as friends once again. A few months down the line, she expressed to my best friend that she was starting to like me. Looking back I think she made attempts to 'flit' like trying to dance with me when we all went clubbing but I didn't catch on and missed all the important signs and didn't take action fast enough.

    She comes from a 'Muslim County' and her parents are very strict. However, she seems quite modern (you would never think she was Muslim), as shes lived in this country her entire life (never wears any face coverings or anything like that). I know she has had none Muslim boyfriends in the past a couple of years ago, have no idea how they ended up.

    The problem is I have never loved someone like this in my life being 21 years on this earth! More than any celebrity. Honestly shes absolutely stunning (never gets much a look in from boys thought because she's quiet and not rowdy 'which I like' and a very deep person) I don't know what it is, just never felt like this over anyone in my entire life. Shes moving an hour away from me soon and her parents are crazy strict, so I doubt we will be able to meet up just the two of us like we have done.

    We are very much in the 'friend zone' stage now. We will talk like every other day on messenger. I worry she no longer she feels this way about (because I have been a numpty). I don't want to ruin our friendship or make things awkward!

    Imagine this, you have two options:

    1: tell her how you feel, if she doesnt feel the same way, nothing you can do, but at least you've told her (and i promise it will get back to normal if it does become awkward(and it might not)), and imagine if she does like you back(which she probably will seeing as she has flirted with you in the past) and you will end up together


    2: dont tell her how you feel and you will alwyas be kicking yourself when you see her, wondering what if, skip a few years ahead, and she has a partner and again, you're wondering if things could be different if you had told her how you feel.

    I know what choice i will choose because in my eyes, you never have anything to lose by telling someone how you feel
    Good luck


    Tell her you love her.
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