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I'm super lonely at uni, what can I do? watch

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    Hello guys,

    First of all, I'm not the socially awkward type. I'm actually very outgoingand bubbly, I've just had a bit of bad luck this year that I havent found people that I click with yet.

    -I was ill most of the beginning of the year and still am, so I didn't join many sports clubs (I'm a healthy weight so its not because I'm too unfit). Most people have met others through this which sucks
    -I have to sit right at the front of the lecture hall to hear, so I don't sit with others who mostly sit at the back or middle.

    I mean, I have tried to just strike up conversation with people but they tend to seem bothered by it. I mean, is the whole 'big black and scary' thing true? And maybe being a minority makes others assume that I would not be interested in interacting with them? Or that my political opinions would be off putting to them? (I'm actually right wing, not an sjw) I was warned about this at the beginning of the year, to make friends with 'my own' by a friend back home but I ignored it as ignorance but I fear it might be true now.

    Anywho, advise guys. Its awkward going to bars and social events alone so I don't go, which adds to the loneliness.

    I'm in Swansea Uni btw
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