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    Hello everyone, i will try and explain as best I can but I can't do this by myself. I'll just explain, its a bit lengthy but please stay with me:

    At the beginning of this school year 11, a new girl (y12) came to my boarding school (this is my second year) and we'll call her Amy for now. She was a shy, anxious person when i met her but we clicked and i really found her amazing to be around and we became VERY good friends- nothing could split us at the time. Thinking I had found a best friend, i did everything to make her smile, took her out, tried to always be there for her and constantly did sweet little things like get her small gifts that awaited her after school. I really did care for her, and we also worked a routine of going to breakfast together in the morning as we were the only ones who go early.

    Now of coarse there were other new students that joined and we formed a small group and lets call another person in this group Bertha. Bertha was at first, outgoing, funny and bazaar and we all got on fine (there were 6 of us).
    A few months later our group got smaller and smaller till the only ones left were me, Amy and Bertha. Eventually I realized Bertha really can be mean, when we are together, I'd find myself the butt end of the joke but when I talk, sometimes I'd find her being offended by something that wasn't meant to be hurtful in ANY way, i.e. I would repeated the last phrase Bertha said "it's well cool" as i didn't know what to say myself and she storms out the room with Amy running shortly on behind.

    up to that point Bertha had found a boyfriend so things got pretty messy with her constantly being with him to constantly crying about her fights. Amy is a thoughtful person and so she was the first one to comfort her, i staid back a bit as I really am not good with advise and i don't like being nosy, so I left It. On her Birthday I decided to give the biggest present I could manage. My mother flew to Ukraine and I persuaded her to find the best perfume and sweets while I saved up to by a gold and amber bracelet and lastly a mini album of the fun times we spent together. She loved t!

    Over time I still kept up with making her happy and being the best friend that i could be, but more and more she started spending time with Bertha.

    Now recently, I would walk past Amy and all I would receive is a hi, a small conversation if i was lucky but when she sees Bertha, she practically runs to her. I tried talking to her about this not long ago where she promised she wasn't going anywhere but now it is obvious she doesn't even wish to willingly spend time with me, she doesn't hug me, ask how I am or even come to my room anymore. I want to confront her but every time I try she is either with Bertha or I just get to scared. So I wish to do what I mostly do, write a small letter but I don't know what to say that would make her understand how hurt or how much I really care for her.
    Please help, if you have any advise I really would love to know. Thank you for sticking with me this far

    message her that you two need to talk. there's no other way I getting around it just take a deep breath and get in with it. the worst thing that can happen is you find out she does hate you and then atleast you know who are your true friends
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