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    So hi guys...

    Thank you for all of your support, but unfortunately I was rejected from churchill college cambridge. I really wanted to go there as they have a stunning architectural design and are in a nice location.

    When I asked them why I was rejected they told me that I applied after the deadline and they couldn't consider my application. I reminded them that my application was delayed due to the death of my pet ant.

    Thankfully, my uncle is the director of studies for computer science at girton college and I asked him for an interview. He agreed to a late interview (after reviewing an extenuating circumstances form mentioning the death of my ant). I booked a train ticket from london liverpool street to cambridge for the day of my interview.

    My train arrived with only 15 minutes before the interview due to delays. The delays were due to a tree fallen on the track! I ran all the way from the station to girton and arrived just in time.

    Out of breath, my interview started.

    My first interview was with two computer scientists. They started off by asking me to sketch the function "y=arksin(sinx)". I proceeded to sketch y=x as that is what I thought it should be before they told me some crap about the domain of arksin making it a half line. They then showed me a picture of a graph and asked me to suggest an equation for it. I suggested y=lnx because it looked a bit like it, but it turns out that it was actually a hyperbola. I don't know what a hyperbola was so surely they should give me reinterview because of that?

    Anyhoo, they then asked me about my motivation for studying computer science, and some details about the programming languages stated on my personal statement. I had mentioned how I had learned python over the christmas holiday (this was a lie). They then asked me to write a bit of basic python code that could sketch a graph of y=sinx. I failed miserably as apparantly code needs special "syntax" whatever that it. At this point this interview ended.

    I then had an interview with a physics man. He had a really big mustache that was distracting me throughout the entire interview. He started off by asking me why the sky is blue. I said because it is not orange. His mustache sort of twitched but then he said something about scattering. I said "oh scattering like when people run away from a thing they scatter" he said no well yes but with photons.

    Later he asked me to calculate the energy density of the sun. I started off by writing some equations of motion and showing that the sun does not move relative to itself but apparently that was pointless. I then suggested doing an experiment. I said that this needs to be done by sending a rocket to the sun and taking a sample of the sun gas and testing it with a thermometer. He said no of course not. The interview then ended.

    I felt like it had gone extremely well! But a few days later I found out that I was not being made an offer. I am very angry at my uncle because he said that I could.

    So my question is, should I reapply next year, or should I apply to another uni such as imperial right now.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post. And thank you in advance for any useful information you can give me.

    Yours Sincerely;


    bumpety bump bump

    Sorry i stopped reading after you said your pet ant died. My pet water bottle got flushed away and i’ve been devastated ever since
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    This has to be a troll. Seriously, would anyone say Churchill has stunning architectural design let alone the rest of the garbage.

    (Original post by nutz99)
    This has to be a troll. Seriously, would anyone say Churchill has stunning architectural design let alone the rest of the garbage.
    No doubt.
    Someone who claims having run to Girton from the station in 15 min ....
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