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Do i confess my feelings to a girl ive only know for a week? watch

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    Right ill start from the beginning, i was in a relationship with someone for just under 3 years, we broke up about a month ago so i thought i would get happn (a dating app) although i didnt intend to use it just for dating, i would have liked to get more friends. Anyway i met 1 girl on there around a week or so ago and we got along quite well. At first i didnt think of her as more than a friend but all these feelings just appeared and got stronger every minute, everyday. This girl just blew me away,she has the best personality, smart, funny, sweet, caring, understanding, lovely and shes just the most beautiful girl i have ever met. Everytime i think of her i feel my heart pounding hard and fast and i start feeling uneasy but in a good way. Im absolutely smitten by her. We decided to go out for a coffee and we were out for 4 hours partly because her car broke down but nonetheless i stayed with her for 3 hours in her car at -4 degrees just to be with her, im constantly looking to see if she has messaged me, always stopping exactly what im doing, whether im with a friend, playing a game, watching something, i stop just so i can talk to her. Im always thinking of her, every night i dream of her. It really hurts me to like her so much as i dont know if she likes me in that way. I feel like crying to let it out how much i like her. I dont believe in love after a few days as you dont know someone but i have messaged her everyday as much as i can and we have met and hopefully have plans to meet again sometime. I know what her personality is like and i fell in love with it. We had serious conversations where i felt like she told me personal stuff as i told her personal stuff but i dont know whether i should confess how i feel to her. This girl feels like 'the one' as stupid as it may seem but i dont know what to do, im always thinking of her. Do i confess and potentially ruin a great new friendship that has potential or do i not say anything and keep hold of my emotions? Im struggling
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    Well I wouldn't say exactly put all your feelings on the plate for you as if you do go out and you realllyy like her and she kinda likes you you can easily be manipulated to do what she wants always. I think just go slowly, I am currently talking to a girl which I've only known for a few weeks and we're getting a long really well where we went from friendly chat to a lot more flirtatious, you need to look for subtle hints and don't be hurt if she doesn't see you the way you see her now as you've only been talking for a week. Try to maybe follow up some questions to her that shows her that you like her and want to be more than friends but not in a way where you're to direct and like 'Hey I really like you and I hope we can go out'. Just be chill and spend as much time as possible with her, and if you ask her something or want to hang out and she responds negatively multiple times then you know where she stands with you, hope this helps!
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    It’s odd reading this as I’m in a very similar situation in terms of feelings, a bit longer than a week though and we know we both like each other romantically. The way we knew really was that he openly asked early on why I joined a dating site and both knowing it was for a relationship helped us know that as we get closer that’s what we want. So may be a good question to ask as you’re finding out her general goals when meeting you without putting feelings on the line.
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    You're infatuated, not in love. There's no way you could know if someone is "the one" within a week, you barely know them.

    No, you do not tell a girl you met a week ago that she is "the one" - not only could you scare her away, but if she likes you then you're putting enormous pressure on a new relationship from the getgo. Just settle down, you're still in a rebound phase and nobody forms a deep loving "the one" worthy bond in a week.
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