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    Has anybody had a driving instructor like the one I had? He was introduced to me by my daughter. She recommended him because he ‘helped’ her pass after a horrible experience with her 1st instructor and 3 attempts!
    And so I thought cool; he must be great!!
    On the first drive he would prompt me to ‘put gas’! I was like I am only a learner for God’s sake and already I am being told to drive like a Pro?
    Anyway, I thought maybe the next lesson would be better, alas I was wrong! He would constantly mourn that I was too slow that’s why people were overtaking us😳
    That same day I found a cat in the road; I stopped for the cat to move away but it didn’t, so I asked him to prompt it to go away so I could drive on; you’d never guess what he said just drive on, it will hear the engine and run away! The silly animal stayed put! I had to yell at him to chase it!!
    And that’s how my driving lesson was spoiled for the rest of that day
    As if the previous week’s encounter was not enough; the final nail in the coffin came when I was doing a turn around the corner manoeuvre, he grabbed the steering wheel from me in an attempt to demonstrate it to me: I was shocked when he told me to shut my eyes and told not to cheat by opening my eyes!!!!
    I was like NO THIS IS ENOUGH, I have had enough. And that’s how I quit. Sent him a text message that I couldn’t continue with the lessons due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’😆😆😆😆 (unforeseen circumstances indeed)!!!
    Lol hope this story helps you spot such a one
    But please don’t hesitate to change your instructor, it’s your money and your future you deserve better and quality. Driving is for life.

    On the first drive he would prompt me to ‘put gas’!

    A possible clue:

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