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    So long story kind of short my ex and I were together five months. He moved the relationship pretty fast like he wanted to meet my family after two weeks of dating. Proceeded with telling me he loved me a month in and nice gifts and trips. Then led to marriage and kids talk etc after two months ish. It felt like we would be moving in together or discussing it again like I told him after we are togther for 6 months. So last two weeks of our relationship he gets distant randomly and becomes hot and cold. Then he dumps me with a lie that he will be moving away for his job offer more than likely in a few months and would feel guilty if I moved for him like he did for his ex. He is crying btw. Then he tells me he thought it would be better to end it now before things keep getting better between us. That he loves me and am the only person he cares about. Then he literally asked me to grab dinner after he got this off his chest..whatttt!

    He insisted on having dinner a week later to talk only for him to tell me the same exact things after I asked if that was truly why. He tried to act concerned and trying to tell me he wants me to be happy. He said he’d always be there for me. So right before this dinner he changed his status to single and deleted our pictures and playlists.

    Okay so forward a couple weeks I see his Snapchat hiking with this random woman and her friend. Then few weeks after that I saw that he is now in a relationship with this woman. I swear I never heard or seen her before I don’t think they had mutual friends. He proceeds to delete me and my friends off Facebook and block us on Instagram at this time. However he kept following me on Twitter and Snapchat? I eventually blocked him on those cause I didn’t think it was fair. He also already met this new girls family already as well.

    He was also married for 4 years before me. I think divorced 4 months before we met. Problem with that also is that he never mentioned wife he only ever said ex which I assumed ex girlfriend. He claims she cheated but with him lying about moving away and who knows what else idk what to believe anymore.

    I fell in love with him and this sucks. What do you think happened here? I don’t know if he hasn’t dealt with his trauma/baggage of that marriage or if he is literally a pos.
    Also, why did he block me and my friends when he got this new gf and not before? And why not the other platforms?

    For some minimal background,I know he has a pretty big ego. He was always bragging about who he knew or things he did or received. Most of my friends have told me they thought something was off about him. They said he was too over the top charming that it came across as fake.

    You willl probably never know for sure exactly what happened with him and why.

    He sounds like a Norbert Prior type. You get them.

    I suspect he was fairly happy with you and that he then met this other woman and dumped you for her. He lied to you about the reasons for ending your relayionship because he didn't want to look bad by admitting he'd been on the look-out for other women all the time he'd been telling you how much he wnated to have babies with you.

    Chances are he's one of thoswe cake and eat it types. No matter who he's with he'll always be thinking the grass looks greener the other side of the fence. And that he'll always be looking for a bit on the side or for his more perfect woman.

    It's a cliche, but you really are better off without him. Your friends instincts were right. Listen to them as well as your own instincts in the future. Don't be afraid to break off relationships yourself.

    And one important lesson: when someone SAYS they love you it means nothing. They might love you or they might just be manipulating you or their love might not be worth having. If they ACT like they love you over a long period of time then they do love you.
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