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Grew up around middle classes, but i'm working class (reality afterwards) watch

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    I have a bit of a conflict going on in my mind. It is related to work so I write here.

    [The problem]

    Honestly, in a nutshell, I feel pretty down because I come from a traditional working class family, however, were fortunate enough to live among the middle-classes in a small village in rural suburbia.

    I have now moved out of my parents home to an area that is among the poorest in the country, and the area. Highest rates of child poverty, and quite a bit of crime. I also don't relate culturally to the place, or the people, and some of the outlooks you see.

    The problems associated with living in these communities (as a working class man) do not come become apparent, until, afterwards in a sort of 'aftermath'. If, like me, you spent your entire early childhood in small villages, and your family had strokes of luck, meaning you could buy a bigger house, then you moved to the countryside among working middle class professionals, and found life to be good, it doesn't phase you at all.

    It's when, for some reason, you have to move out to a more ordinary neighbourhood, you feel like the bottom drawer of your life has fallen out, you were nothing special, just working class with a bit of luck. My parents couldn't afford to help me secure a house in a decent neighbourhood.

    Break down:

    Living among wealthy people can have its benefits and disadvantages; surrounded by people that were ambitious and career driven, which was energising. However on the other hand, they could be very spoilt (especially younger ones - children e.g).

    A lot of their lifestyles I couldn't ever attain, so it was a constant state of 'keeping up', but I tended to dress like them, adopted the same values, and mindset, which is very powerful as someone from a lower ilk. Despite what some of you may think, some of the people I met where lovely and some of the most motivational people I know. I've known CEOs, Doctors, Accountants- the lot.

    The problem is, I now live in a very run down, poor (economically/socially) part of the country, with high rates of child poverty. I cannot afford to move, nor can my parents help me out (unlike my middle class counterparts).

    I find I obsess more over money, as much as my partner does, because I have had a taste of that life. Not rich, but certainly had more disposable income. I have to go to work, and put up with this sort of "townie" type culture and behaviour. I am a university postgraduate student, so I have been through the system, whereas lots of these folk haven't. I get I'm different, I'm fortunate and very grateful.

    What advice could you give to someone who has experienced life in two different and distinct parts of the socioeconomic scale?
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