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Why are feminists so against women using their bodies to make money? watch

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    Now this isn't a rant at feminists, or an attempt to justify human trafficking, or any other stupid inane point you want to try and twist this into. (and please don't start making jokes about feminists being ugly etc, I want to keep this civil and see if anyone can actually come up with a good answer)

    I'm merely very simply wondering why feminists are so against women using their good looks to make money. Recently there's been the issue with pit girls in motor racing. More locally to me there's been a movement to ban strip clubs in the city I live. People seem to give the impression these girls are being exploited, and if they genuinely were, were being forced to do it against their will, signed contracts not realising what they were getting into etc then I'd be the first to criticise it. But these girls are smart enough to know what they're doing (one interviewed on the news was a law student, so I sure hope she is) and are doing it by choice.

    As someone rightly pointed out, if anything they're exploiting the men who visit such places. The give the illusion of a sexual connection and in return take the mens money.

    So, if they're getting into the business knowing exactly what they're letting themselves in for, what's the problem?

    I think that many people dislike this because women don't like seeing other women in jobs like prostitution or in a strip club. Some feminists think that these women should do something else, like run a business etc. because they are being objectified, or being treated like a service.

    Personally I believe in equality (like most people) but almost don't want to call myself a feminist because of their 'reputation' and the crazy ones. I think that feminism should be about accepting and appreciating women (and men) who are sex workers, as they only exist because there is demand for sex. If feminism is good it would include ALL women who are at a disadvantage because of their gender.

    If women want to use their bodies to make money, that's their right, in my view. There's a real irony in feminists preaching women's empowerment but at the same time policing how women can use their sex appeal.

    Stripping, for example, is no more exploitative then most other jobs. It's somebody using a skill or an asset about themselves to make cash for an employer. That's what work is. And I agree that these establishments are also exploiting their clientele. Men are spending their hard-earned cash just to see some boob, and it's easy money for whoever provides that.
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