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intercollegiate halls-College Hall

Ive been offered a room in the college hall. And i will be moving very soon. i was wondering what its like there...since there are hardly any comments on the college halls. Is it a friendly enviroment? what are your experiences living there? :confused:
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There are various discussions on different halls

Try doing an advanced search under the University of London but be careful because KCL also has a College Hall

College hall looks nice and has just been extensively refurbished but it is only catered which has put me off as I like cooking
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cool. thankz.
ill do that. :smile:
Does anybody know what Nutford House is like?
cool. thankz.
ill do that. :smile:

did you find any more threads about college hall? coz im also looking for some.........thxx
hello all you guys!

I've been searching the web for hall info and discovered wikipedia has a lot of info esp pictures! and then search for the rest
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i know...i havnt found any thread on the college i decided to make my own lol. i just wanted people who go there to give some of their experiences since you hardly hear of this particular halls....
all i know its in the best location. i dont know what the people are like there...
Does anybody know what Nutford House is like?

I passed it the other day actually, it looks pretty small and isnt set in gardens or anything, but a great location in terms of convieniance as its right in the Edgware Rd/Marble Arch area and less than 5 minutes walk to a central line station.

sorry obviously i cant tell you anything about the atmosphere etc as obviously i couldn't just randomly walk in lol

does anyone know if there are ways you can view intercollegiate halls properly if you've applied to a UoL college ?
you could try phoning and asking if u could have a look around but tbh, they're just your standard halls. they're all pretty much the same. iv visited most of the intercollegiates so if u have any specific questions, ask away!
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ive seen what it looks like inside, its pretty large compared to most halls ive seen and its all catered they have a maid that cleans every week and its all done for u ...which sounds fantastic , its just i dont know wot the atmosphere is like....
plus i just wondering wot the students are like? friendly? socialble etc...wot are the experiences of living there?,...

but thankz alot for posts :smile:
I live in College Hall right now.

It's amazing. Best halls in London, without a doubt. Nice reception team. Only downside is food, but even then it's not bad, you get your salads and fruits, along with a main meal.

Mix of postgrads, undergrads, everyone. Great location on Malet Street, across ULU, in Russell Square.

The social experience is going to vary year from year depending on who you live with and who your friends are so I wouldn't get too concerned with that.
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What do you guys know about international hall? Ive put it as my first choice. Thanks.