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Hey guys! Apologies for perhaps the cheesiest title ever (which will probably get reused for the next couple years..). I decided to do a GYG this year since I don't see many undergrads doing them, as well as not seeing many Swansea students lurking on this form (feel free to reveal yourselves) and thus it's a way for people to see a little bit more into life in Swansea at the same time as me being accountable for all the (non-)productive things I do in day to day life.

I'm back for my second shot at GYG, since my first time doing GYG was cut short because I became lazy and unmoivated, or I just forgot to update.


I'm now in my first year of uni and simply skimming along isn't gonna work anymore, so this is my way of getting my butt into gear and actually working, regardless of whether this year counts or not.

A bit of background info:
I'm a 19 year old 1st year Physics student at Swansea university.

A level:

Physics: C
Maths: B
Economics: B
Welsh Bacc: C

These grades were well below what I was predicted (AAA) and as such I ended up going through clearing on results day.
(I'd also like to point out that these are not bad grades! I'm just disappointed in myself for not achieving what I could have)
There is nothing wrong with going through clearing, as I'm living proof that you can come out the other side in a uni you love! I originally wasn't planning on staying in Wales, and had Southampton set as my firm, but clearly that didn't go to plan.

First semester grades:

I only have three examined modules a semester this year, so these are the grades that I got for first semester:

Maths: 70
Astro: 82
Dynamics: 70

I'm fully aware that these are great results, and I hope to come out of this semester with something similar, however:

First semester exam grades:

Maths: 41
Astro: 83
Dynamics: 45

Yeah...not as great. Astro went amazingly, and I got just what I needed to keep my 70 average for Maths and Dynamics. I want to improve my exam prep this semester and smash my exams!

Important note: After last semester's results, my course weighting has now shifted to 70% Exam, 25% Workshops and 5% Continuous assessment. This is another reason why I want to concentrate more on exams.

Despite the fact that my first year doesn't count towards my degree specifically, with my current plans to perhaps do my masters here, I need to maintain a decently high % overall. Plus, I want to get over the learning curve of uni revision best I can this year so it doesn't throw next year off.

Second semester modules
This semester I have the following modules:

Maths II (exam and coursework)
Fields and Matter (exam and coursework)
Labs (coursework only)
Quantum (exam and coursework)
Essential skills (coursework only)

Maths is going well so far, Fields and Matter is manageable, and Quantum is a bit fo a mess (I'm also behind in Quantum notes, woops...)

Goals for this semester:
  • Maintain a 60+% average in all my modules
  • Prepare better for my exams
  • Spend more time on modules I don't understand rather than ones I don't like
  • Save money/budget effectively (#studentlife)
  • Start reading my hugeeeee pile of books that I accumulated over Christmas/January
  • Get more in shape for my two holidays this year ()

There will probably be more added to this list that I've forgotten but they'll be added as we go along.

If anyone has any questions about university in general or about Swansea or clearing feel free to chuck them my way!

Thanks for reading!
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2nd of March

Today is my first ever snow day in uni! As such, I've been rather unproductive so far today, and I don't see myself getting much done. I'm going to try and make notes on the lectures that I missed/didn't take notes in earlier this week, and do some tidying around the place. Other than that, today looks to be a chill day of video games! (Currently leaning towards some skyrim).

Despite most of South Wales being battered with snow, it's quite calm here, aside from 25+mph winds. Here's the view out my window:
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