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9 Weeks to a 9 (or a couple of 7s and 8s) watch

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    Just your average Zoe trying to get good grades.

    Current Situation:

    Since sitting mocks last week, I have come to realise how little time we have left. I've been doing light revision since about October but realised I still have the majority of topics to cover.

    The snow days we've had recently have allowed me to organise my revision into a timetable so I can cover everything in time for the exams. (My revision timetable is linked). French, History and Chemistry are the ones I'm going to struggle with most time-wise but I'm hoping to squeeze the revision in.:mrfreeze:

    Life style:

    I love health, fitness and sports. I spend 3 nights a week at the gym doing BJJ and Muay Thai which I love. I have a part time job on Saturdays only but it still gives me the later afternoon and evening free to revise and relax. On the days I'm not at work or practicing martial arts I love resistance training. I've planned to fit revision around these as Sunday is completely free and they usually only take 2 hours out of my day. I tend to count these as social activities as well which should keep me motivated during the run up to exams that I'm not isolating myself and still being active. :bike:

    The goal:

    I'm hoping for just x1 9 as I've been able to achieve this a few times in RE mocks but I'd still be happy with a 7 or an 8. In general though I'd be happy with straight 7s besides Lit, Lang and French (which will probably be lower). We just sat our last set of mocks which I'm hoping will result in something similar to my December mocks.

    Mock results: December vs February

    Maths 7 (133 marks) vs 7 (152)
    Lit 5 vs
    Lang 4 vs 6
    Combined science 87 vs
    RE 8 vs 9
    History 7 vs 7
    French 5 (F) vs 5 (H)
    Business A* vs A*

    Our French teacher left at the end of year 10 and wasn't replaced so I haven't really made much progress but I'm still going to aim for a 5.:shot:


    I managed to get 100% on my business coursework at the start of year 11 which is worth 25% of our final grade so I can afford for a few slip ups in the exam. :crossedf:
    In Year 10 I managed to complete my IT course with a D* so both of these take less pressure off in exam season.


    I'm probably going to stay at my current school for sixth form to study a-levels. I'm leaning towards Maths, Business and a science with maybe the EPQ, Level 3 sports or Further Maths as a 4th option. I'm super indecisive so I'll probably change my mind 1000 times between now and September!


    + remember to have fun:bl:
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    Good luck!

    You know, I was so confused with the new 1-9 grading :rofl: I was wondering what 9 and 7 and 8's???
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    (Original post by LunaCat)
    You know, I was so confused with the new 1-9 grading :rofl: I was wondering what 9 and 7 and 8's???
    Same! When it was first explained I always mixed up what the highest grade was - 9 or 1. So confusing! I go with 7 = A and 8 = A* because that's what most of my teachers say. But I don't feel I have achieved as well when the results are a 7 or 8 compared with an A or A* because there is still a higher grade (9=A**? :cry2:)
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    So far:

    I've managed to keep up with my revision timetable besides RE and Physics. Also, I realised a mistake I've made in the schedule of the timetable as well which sucks but I'm hoping to catch up the extra week I added during the Easter half term. My RE revision book only just came :unimpressed: and I planned Physics to be on Sunday but it was mother's day so again - I need to catch up! But overall I've been fairly productive in revision this week.

    Most of my revision flashcards for the first topics are done, e.g B1, I just need to do more mocks/practice exam questions but I'm finding new ones hard to find considering there are only set of past papers for English and maths.

    Today: Just got back from Thai Boxing and planning to do some maths work and revision. Our business teacher is obsessed with the forgetting curve and shown us how to revise most effectively today so I'm considering changing revision style but don't want to waste time. :woo:
    Near future: We have our sixth form taster sessions next week so I picked Maths, Chemistry and Physics. I'm really not enjoying Chemistry revision so I'll probably leave it at GCSE and try to swap the taster session for something else - probably Biology or History.
    Goal (updated): Because of our taster sessions and sixth form offer letters this week and last week we've had careers meetings. For me, something in finance sounds enjoyable or physiotherapy, possibly occupational therapy. If I were to pick Maths, Business, Biology and PE I should be covered as well as having a few other options because of Maths and Biology. I'm still open to the idea of taking physics or further maths instead of PE or just taking 3 a-levels. Still not sure, whoops! :hmmmm: I'll probably wait until results day or September to be focused on my choices.

    I'll update this later with a photo of revision:
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